Thursday, August 02, 2007

Check out my balls!

So FrenchBoy has taken up golf...again.

August 2007 weekend blogging 004

I have mixed feelings about golf because in my head it is intrinsically tied to yuppy-dom. But I guess it's only fair since I forbid him to ever go skiing again. ( I am genetically predisposed to snow hatred.) And since when do the French play golf anyway? I thought they all spent their Sunday's getting drunk on red wine and playing P├ętanque!

So now on Sundays he heads off with two of his work colleagues to the golf course in Metz near our new apartment. They've just started learning again so they aren't out on the green, but all three of them are so excited you'd think it was the week before Christmas! Soon FrenchBoy will be wearing Lacoste shirts and smoking Cubans. I of course will have to get a face lift and a matching pair of gi-normous Fendi sunglasses. This is going to get ugly.

Me, personally I couldn't care less about golf. All I wanted to know was, how much was the Green Fee and did they have a nice clubhouse with a swank bar.

Next stop....a Volvo. *rolling eyes* Or better yet a Mercedes B class.

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DestinationMetz said...

that's a damn fine rug. golf.. not my thing either, seems like such a boring game and I always feel sorry for the caddies, lugging around those big bags of golfclubs. The closest I've come to golf is miniture golf when I was a kid and that was BORING! So when you get the face lift and the fendi glasses you are also required to wake up at 11am and have a glass of gin and tonic for breakfast.