Monday, August 06, 2007

Weekend Photo Blogging

Our weekends are basically always the same:

Friday is "Date Night" which includes cocktails, dinner, and a movie. Saturday is for errand running and shopping/research for the new apartment, followed by the weekly dinner party with the French in-laws until the wee hours. Sunday concludes the weekend with many cookies and espressos consumed while watching several hours low-quality TV programming while on the sofa in our pajamas.

That said, here are some random pics and video footage from this weekend:


The soon to be completed pedestrian shopping area in Metz.
"Look mom, No cars!"


Papa's wine cellar.


Smoking Kills.....birds?

A whole bunch of French weeeenies!


The Vespa that FrenchBoy is buying me for my birthday....he just doesn't know it yet.
Shhhh. Don't ruin the surprise.


Lunatic! I just found it lying on the ground on the walk back to the car.
I should have actually kept it. duh!

And last but not least, a random conversation in which I speak horrible French
and laugh like a hyena. 10 points if you can figure out what we're talking about.

Please tell me I don't really sound like this in real life.
No wonder Frenchboy walks around the house with his hands covering his ears.


Anonymous said...

Nice photo of Metz! That's one of the good things about Metz is the lack of cars around, crossing the road isn't such as issue like in Paris where every jaywalk may be your last! Your french sounds great to me! Seriously, you're going to have to assist me on this one. I want a vespa too they are the coolest things. Is it too much to hope that at a French barbeque the sausages are put into pieces of sliced bread with tomato sauce?

Anonymous said...

oh and thankyou for the link!

Penny said...

You sound pretty good to me - but then again I truly do speak horrible french!

Nice blog. Bananarama in Poland - c'est incroyable!

Angry Black Woman said...

Since I am an American, living in Iowa with a bunch of beer drinking out of control twenty something idiots. I have to give much love to your "Papa's" Wine Cellar!

mlle smith said...

I love Vespas...especially after Audrey Hepburn's take on the Vespa in Roman Holiday.

Okay, WHEN am I going to speak French that way?! You must've studied before moving to France, non?

Oh God, I can never make French utterances again on video until I sound like that. Crap!

MadameK said...

*deep sigh*

Well, we all love Audry Hepburn, but my Mom just e-mailed me from America that I am not allowed to get a Vespa. And what Mamma says goes. So.....straight to the Volvo I go!