Monday, October 01, 2007

Wandering Around Metz

One of the best parts of moving to a new city is finding new stuff! Saturday Mademoiselle R and I spent the good part of the afternoon wandering around Metz Centreville looking for an English bookstore. Luckily for us the weather was tolerable, because we never did find that darned bookstore and we walked in circles for what seemed like hours in spite of the fact that we had a map!

rue taison

Of course in the process of not finding the mythological English bookstore, we did manage to find some other really cool stuff in Metz, including quite a few rare book shops, and 5 or 6 artists studios! Very cool!

Towards the end of our exploratory expedition we stumbled upon this lovely place.


It appears to be a faux military supply and attire shop complete with fake assault rifles and US flags and army gear. I stood and examined the window for a bit trying to decide if this was for real or if it was a joke, or if maybe it was some kind of anti-war political statement. I never did figure it out.


But my favorite thing about this shop is that it is located in an old butcher's shop. Which somehow makes the nature of their business amazingly appropriate.


Glouns said...

Hi, I live in Metz and I know an English bookshop, it's called "A Tout Lire", Rue Mazelle.

Andromeda said...

i also have had trouble finding this mysterious bookstore, but there are a few shelves at fnac and the library, if times get desperate.