Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Building stuff in France.

(Barbie Dream House Update #11)

From the moment we signed the purchase agreement on The Barbie Dream House, FrenchBoy and I have heard nothing but horror stories from well-meaning people who were trying to warn us about all the possible problems that are involved in building an apartment from scratch. But all in all, their advice was really unnecessary.

In a few weeks we will be moved into our new home, and we have had nothing that even comes close to the many catastrophes we’ve heard about over the years. In fact, from what I can put together, we’ve had just about the ideal home building experience. So much so, that we’re already looking forward to building a full blown house in a few years.

So sorry folks, I have no horror stories or funny anecdotes to share about the experience of building a home in France. Thus far it’s been pretty uneventful…..not counting the 2 year waiting period.

Anyway, without further delay, The Star Trek Kitchen:

kitchen 053

kitchen 035

kitchen 037

kitchen 019

The almost finished Disco Toilet (downstairs guest toilet):

Wednesday Sept 19 016

And last but certainly not least. My studio!

Wednesday Sept 19 013


Of course FrenchBoy and I can't take too much of the credit for how easily this project has come together. We've had a lot of help from family. Last week French Father -in-law was joined by Papi George for the kitchen assembly, and FrenchBoy took a few days off to work to help as well.

kitchen 029

This weekend French Godmother Francine and her husband Francis stopped by and of course, we put them to work and then paid them in coffee of course.

kitchen 030

kitchen 001

It took 4 people to put in my damn kitchen sink. Who knew it would be so heavy?

kitchen 052

kitchen 048

kitchen 049

Anywayz, that's where the Barbie Dream House is thus far. Hopefully next week we will have stairs so we can stop climbing a ladder to the upstairs bedrooms. I just keep telling myself: "Good things come to those who wait."


Mes Deaux Cents said...


Wow you have a train line right outside of your home, I would love that. I really like the sound of trains. I grew up in N.Y., so although many people would find trains annoying, the sound of them reminds me of hearing elevated subways late at night.

Anyway I just found your blog a few days ago and I love it!


Cherise said...

Wow! Almost ready to move in. How exciting!!! It seems to have gone by fast. It looks gorgeous. Love the Star Trek Kitchen. Does it open onto the terrace? Congrats on the Dream House!

lafashionista said...

Of all the things about this post, I love that during all this construction your mother-in-law is holding a caulking gun and wearing heels.

MadameK. Located in said...

MDC- fortunately/unfortunately the trains make almost no noise since at that point they are arriving at the station and are at a crawl, but I kinda like having them there. Since the street is a dead end, the constant coming and going of trains is a nice balance of energy....nice Chi circulation. Oh my god, I just went all Feng shui on y'all.

Cherise- yep, the kitchen opens onto the small terrace. It's like a green house in there in late afternoon. Will definitely cut heating costs!

fashionista--yeah--French Mother-in-law is a total fashionista. Sometimes she forces me to go shopping so I won't embarass her when we're seen in public together. Last weekend she made dinner while wearing her Versace sunglasses.

I wish I were kidding.

Travel said...

It looks wonderful. I love the kitchen, great choice on cabinets and appliances.


Penny said...

OMG - I've got kitchen envy! Love it!


the frog princess said...

I may have just read the entirely of your blog in one day. But! I love how much you blog about the expat experience, I should do that more.

Anonymous said...

i love it that one of your lady helpers is wearing very pointed shiny black darth vader -- heels?

the place looks great.

Emily said...

Wow - your place looks amazing. I too am jealous!

The Late Bloomer said...

WOAH -- check out that incredible kitchen!!! I too am suffering some painful kitchen envy, especially since I love to spend so much time in the kitchen and mine is so miniscule...