Thursday, October 18, 2007

Hair Inspiration!

I have nothing interesting to post because I'm tired of hearing myself talk about the Barbie Dream House. (More on that this weekend.) My brain hurts when I think about it, so instead I bring you these lovely photos of Jill Scott with the most glorious head of hair I've seen in ages.

Who can resist hair that naturally defies gravity!? She's so beautiful it makes my eyes hurt. Now, will someone please tell me what products she uses on her hair so I can see if they ship internationally?


Angry Black Woman said...

Jill Scott is my all time favorite singer. I have every one of her albums. I adore her work! I was probably the first one in line when her latest album dropped. (Pregnant and all) I don't know what she uses on her hair. You might want to check out her MySpace page. It might tell you. I have to agree Ms. Jill hair is lovely!

Honeybrown said...

try these products, made specifically for highly textured, natural hair and are homemade products too! I dislike Carol's daughter even though people rave about her products. her hair stuff just isn't as good as the ones below, and are too expensive. to my knowledge all of these sellers ship internationally: get honey hair maks deep conditioner from them only, it is excellent. their other products are kinda greasy to me.
I love your blog, and good luck!!