Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Why I heart France: Reason #10

Tomorrow morning I'm going to the Dr.'s office. I'm going to walk in without an appointment, sit in the waiting room for 10 minutes then I'm going to go into his office and demand shampoo.

Why? Because my favorite shampoo for my seasonably cranky scalp is free if my Dr. gives me a perscription for it. Before I leave I will pay him 20 euros. At the Pharmacy I will pay 4 Euros for two months worth of shampoo. A week later the French Social Security office will send my 24 euros back in the form of a check.

I heart France.

And now...for some Dave Sedaris "Bend Over and Say "Ah":


gymnopedie sweet said... are the best! anyone who can justify a trip to the dr.'s office for good shampoo and happen to add David Sedaris to the mix has got to be my kind of peeples!! I didn't realize he sounded like Truman Capote!?!? He's been on NPR with a voice like that....and he sorta looks like Hank Azzaria!! he is sooo funny...and so are you! France is richer for having you guys over there...keep it up!!

Reb said...

they raised prices! It's now 25€ for a visit...

Travel said...

Very-very good. I should reitre and move there in another #& years if I am over this cold by then.