Sunday, November 04, 2007

A Lovely Metz!

The last week has been rough, but we're beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel so to speak. The actual moving day was rather uneventful. Nothing got broken, and nobody got hurt. What more can you ask for? Of course there are a few hiccups to cure, but that's to be expected. The past 3 days have been nothing but a blur of home improvement stores and hardware shopping.



Hmmm, the IKEA in Metz is out of stock for the storage shelving for the garage you say? No problem, hop in the car and head on over to Belgium!


One of the best (or weirdest) parts of living in this part of France is that we can easily visit 3 IKEA stores in three different countries in one afternoon. But look, I love the Swedes as much as the next gal, but I am officially IKEA'd out.


Ok, I'm calm enough to talk about the staircase problem now. Long story short: The company ordered and installed the wrong staircase. We decided to keep them at a heavily discounted price rather than destroy two walls in our stairwell by having them replaced.


The stairs are actually quite beautiful. Not nearly as hideous as they look in the above photo. I look at it like this: Let's say you order yourself a Hermès Birkin handbag. You wait and dream and wait and dream. Then 2 years later your Birkin arrives, but instead of the dark brown bag you ordered its a black bag. Now if Hermès offered to not only give you the bag for half price, but also throw in a Baccara clutch to sweeten the pot, would you not accept? Exactly. My clutch will arrive in the spring.

But honestly, who can bitch and moan about staircases, when you get to live in a city that's this beautiful?




Je l'adore!


eclat said...

Oooooh, so, so pretty! I love the stairwell and your cityscape pics are super purdy. Isn't it crazy??...driving from country to country like that? It was like that when I lived in Germany. You're lucky, you can do it all in one afternoon. Took us a bit longer. :o)

Anonymous said...

Metz is excellent in terms of where it's situated relative to other countries actually, isn't it cool? I'm liking the stairs actually, the wood looks really nice.

Reb said...

Nice. So you have stairs and sun? I'm so jealous....

lessno said...

the garden looks nice!

Travel said...

The stairs are a huge step forward from the ladder, actually quite nice even if they are not what you ordered. It is great to hear that the move was accomplished without breakage or homocide (aren't those the two most likely things to happen when one is moving?) Wish I was there!


Cherise said...

The stairs look great! That's so annoying it's not what you ordered, but it sounds like you ended up with a bargain in the process. Love the city views. I had no idea Metz was so beautiful!

joy suzanne said...

Beautiful house, lovely city, very funny blog!

Madame K said...

Reb- Don't get jealous just yet. The sun is now officially long gone and it's colder than a witch's tit today.

Travel- When nobody get's homicided it's always a plus in my book.

And yeah---Metz is just so damn lovely!.....made even lovlier that it is now only 1.5 hours away from Paris by train! And bientot---Pompidou!


The Late Bloomer said...

Metz really IS beautiful! I've GOT to come visit -- my boyfriend and I go to visit his sister near Lille quite often, but we still haven't trekked over to Metz. I'm going to have to make it a priority, because your pictures make me want to see more of this gorgeous city!