Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Where the hell have you been?

I've been in Metz. Between getting aquainted with my new city and doing Christmas preparations, I've been all over the place. Here's a photo dump of the last 2 weeks of my so-called life:

So it’s Christmas here! The whole city is lit up..... like a Christmas tree and frankly it’s wonderful. I will admit I’m mostly into Christmas because of all the foodz and eatingz of things, but the lights are pretty too.


Also I meet up with Mademoiselle R on Wednesdays for lunch and drinks and talking and wandering. It’s fun to have a wandering around town partner. Last Wednesday we wandered into a little local dive called Cafe Mathis. In the summer they have one of the best terraces in the city, but in the winter everyone huddles into their tiny location and lingers over drinks or lunch.



That particular day the locals were in rare form. The drunks at the next table were singing old French pop songs in between puffs of their cigarettes. I kept thinking, “Am I in a French film?” It was just that surreal, but lovely just the same.


After lunch and drinks I stumbled home, happy to be able to explore the world on foot and stopped to take photos of the extension of the Christmas market in front of the gare.


Hey, wait….

nativity scene2

nativity scene1

Crap! Someone kidnapped baby Jesus! (or perhaps the creepy cow ate him?)

Ahhh, yes the Christmas Market. Even after 2 cups of watered down “vin chaud” I wasn’t feelin’ it. Dude, what’s the big frickin’ deal? It’s just a bunch of over-priced crap you can buy at any time of the year. And I am most certainly not eating snails cooked and sold out of a little wooden barn.


Family Marche Noel

But whatever the French In-laws seemed to really enjoy it. And FrenchBoy is even adorable when he’s Christmas window shopping. (Check-out that pout!)

David Christmas fairy

Oh also---yesterday I was at CafĂ© des Arts and I decided to try the special “Christmas beer. It was good, but let’s be honest...

Christmas beer

It’s basically a marketing ploy in which bars use Jesus’ssss birfday to trick you into buying the same old beer with a teaspoon of cinnamon added to it, but for 3 times the normal price. But whatever that’s what you get when you’re a sinner and you get drunk for Jesus’ssss birfday.

And that about brings us up to present. More later!


Anonymous said...

The goods being sold at the market are pretty crappy, and REALLY overpriced. Not at all in the spirit of the market. So yeah, basically it's just kind of pretty and people love the hot wine, and possible the sausages of which I have yet to try.. don't try the donuts though, they are nasty!

Karina said...

I got creeped out by my host fam's nativity scene when i was an exchange student back in the day - where is the baby?? how can you have a nativity scene without the baby?
got it explained to me: because the baby hasn't been born yet...
ahhh riiiiight.. so they put it out on the 24th when he's born or something.
or the creepy cow ate him, not sure...