Friday, December 14, 2007


On December 13th FrenchBoy and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary. Well, actually we have 2 wedding dates: one for the legal ceremony, and another for the religious ceremony, but for us, December has always been when we felt married.


david sushi

We didn't really have anything planned for the occassion, but at the last minute I got us dinner reservations at Osaka, the only good Japanese restaurant I know of in Metz.


It was a great dinner not only becasue the food was better than we expected, but because we spent time laughing and joking about all the stuff that we'd been through, the insanity that went into planning both of our weddings days, the 3 months worth of paperwork and translations, and most of all we talked about how fast the time has gone by. I know it's a clichee, but dammit, time really does fly when you're having fun. And I just gotta say, I love FrenchBoy more than the day we got married. How is that even possible? I swear it just gets bigger and better every day.

And now, for more delightful cheesiness, Wedding Photos!


I can't quite remember what my brothers and I were laughing about 2.5 seconds before walking down the aisle, but I vaguely remember a joke about them throwing me down a flight of stairs.


"I feel happy!"

wedding CD3 024

My DIY Bouquet that weighed 25 lbs.

wedding CD3 027

Each reception table was named after a character in Pulp Fiction (FrenchBoy's Favorite film). So naturally we named the children's table "Honey Bunny". The head table was named "Marcellus" of course.

wedding CD3 053

I have no idea why FrenchMother-in-law beat up the ring bearer and stole her 'lil pink pillow. I didn't see it, but I heard it was brutal. That's just wrong.

wedding CD3 032

My DIY flower arrangements complete with matching pink jewelry.

wedding CD3 040

Nothing says I love you quite like matching titanium.

I look pretty here, but my teefs look gi-normous! Be careful, I may bite you.


"Here kids. Take these bubbles and then go somewhere and shut the f*ck up and don't ruin my wedding reception. Thanks.

wedding CD1 072

Doesn't FrenchBoy look exactly like his Nanna?

wedding CD1 037

French Father-law tryin' to look hard with his dark shades....eventhough he cried like a baby through about 50% of the ceremony.

wedding CD1 016

This is what happens when you put me and my 2 brothers in front of a camera together.
Just for reference. Right: Marcus, Left: Antonio. Center: Drunk Bride.
"If we smile any harder, our faces will break and the pieces will fall into our champagne."

So for those of you who are rolling your eyes and sighing at all the wedding cheese. Listen. After selling my one good kidney to pay for the photos and the dress, you're damn skippy I'm gonna whip the wedding photos out any chance I get. Hell, I'm still working on how to wear the dress again. Seriously, Pamela Anderson has nothin' on my bosoms when I'm wearin' that dress baby!

wedding CD3 048

Aaah, good times.


Penny said...

Thanks! I just snorted my morning cup of tea all over my keyboard when I read your kids comment! Lovely lovely photos. It looks like it was a truly wonderful day. And man, that sushi looks good too :)

Samantha said...

Aww, that was really sweet. And you're so photogenic, I'm jealous!

The Late Bloomer said...

Oh, Happy Belated Anniversary! I'm just catching up on a few posts, and I really enjoyed seeing all your photos -- you are such a gorgeous bride! Incredibly beautiful smile, amazingly beautiful flowers -- it just looked like a very special, memorable day. Congratulations!

Love the shots of you guys in the Japanese restaurant too -- nothing beats excellent sushi!

Megan said...

beautiful pictures! I post mine everywhere I can too...

Leah said...

Loved these pics(beautiful flowers and you looked so lovely!) and I was def not cheesed out because of your too-funny commentaries. Happy anniversaire!

Anonymous said...

That's such a cool idea re the tables and Pulp Fiction, very cool. And I love the flower arrangements, really elegant. Maybe I'll check out this Osaka place now..I'm pretty ignorant of Japanese food though..I only know I don't like 'cold' things that much so beyond chicken teriayki I'm not sure what I can eat...

Post your wedding photos every chance you get they are great and you went through a lot to get your awesome photographer!

Madame K said...

Thanks for all the complements everyone. And just for the record, not a single one of our wedding photos has been Photoshopped.

Not a one.

Angry Black Woman said...

Ok...So It's January 27th and it's my 29th Birthday and My son is now exactly 3 months old. Finally able to sit down and sneak a pick at your (my favorite) blog. I can see it perfectly on my home computer and the first thing I can say is the picture with Marcus and Tony is HILLARIOUS! Oddly enough the look Marcus gave in the picture (Drunk Bride)was the look he gave me in the playpen. I swear my mother has the pic! P.s. I think they blocked my viewing of your blog at work...if anyone asks...speak French and RUN!

undecisivenappy said...

Your wedding was beautiful. Where did you meet your husband. I want to meet a French man. lol

stephanie said...

Beautiful pics. You favor the lovely thandie newton.

JamasiaN said...

I just wanted to say, "Beautiful"

Anonymous said...

I love this!!! Amazing...i just came across your blog from another blog and now i am hooked....your writing is the perfect blend....i should be preparing for an interview but now i am stuck on your fan!