Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Air France Lost My Mom!

So. Our Christmas Eve was a very interesting one. I won’t go into details, mostly because you won’t believe me, however I will give you a brief timeline.

Christmas 2007 003

9AM: Wake up. Frost, frost everywhere. Maybe we’ll have a white Christmas.

12 noon: Why the f*ck isn’t my mobile phone working? And why are there 40 people in line ahead of me at the Nespresso boutique? Is George Clooney here?

1:30PM: Crap. Mom called to say she missed her flight connection and is trapped at CDG airport until the 5PM flight.

2:15PM: While eating our very late Thai Food lunch, we receive this phone call:

“Bonjour, Mr. Koehl, uhm, there is a problem with the sewer pipe under your garage. Can you come downstairs and unlock the door for us? Oh you’re in another country at the moment? Oh, Ok, I understand you can’t come home to open the door. Sorry to bother you. Happy Holidays!”

2:25PM: While still eating our very late Thai Food lunch, we receive this phone call:

“Bonjour, Mr. Koehl, uhm, I just wanted to call to warn you. He had to break a great big f*cking whole in your garage door in order to fix the sewer problem. Sorry to bother you. Happy Holidays!”

Christmas 2007 006

4:30PM: I make an anti-freeze funnel out of an old paper sac and chewing gum.

Christmas 2007 010

5:30PM: Free carwash champagne!

6:30PM: Mom finally safely arrives on the next flight, but even with the un-planned 4 hour layover, Air France is too retarded to get her bags on the flight with her. Whatever.

8:30PM: Finally Christmas!

Christmas 2007 019

Christmas 2007 046

Christmas 2007 037

Christmas 2007 059

Christmas 2007 071

Christmas 2007 050

Christmas 2007 033

Christmas 2007 066

Christmas 2007 074


Monica said...

Air France strikes again. After this eventful trip to CA and back, I will never ever, ever, fly Air France/Delta again. Glad you found your mom eventually!

purejuice said...

glad you all got together -- both parties look like the most fun. happy new year!