Monday, January 07, 2008

Cheers and Chin!

I have this really horrible habit of writing posts, saving them, and then never publishing them. One of my New Year’s resolutions is to stop doing that. OK, not really.

NewYearsEve2008 045
Anyway, New Year’s Eve is also French Father-in-Law’s birthday. And since this year he turned 60, his family and friends conspired to throw him a surprise birthday party. He thought he was invited to a quiet dinner with another couple. Imagine his surprise when 30 people came popping out of a back bedroom to sing him Happy Birthday. And the singing didn’t stop there. It was a great night. And not just because I had one of my best hair days ever.
NewYearsEve2008 008

There was so much singing, and eating, and drinking. I needed a nap half way through dinner! The dancing had only just started at around 3AM when we decided we just couldn't take anymore and had to get home and into bed.

A few highlights from the evening:

NewYearsEve2008 002
1. The look of utter confusion on French Father-in-Law's face as we all jumped out to yell "Surprise!"

NewYearsEve2008 068
2. The Gorgeous Food!

NewYearsEve2008 033
3. Dancing and cheering!

NewYearsEve2008 062 NewYearsEve2008 168
4. The "Girls Only" drinking session in the wine cellar.
(note: Lemoncello + Ice Wine = Very Dizzy.)

NewYearsEve2008 130

NewYearsEve2008 115

NewYearsEve2008 112
5. All the love!

NewYearsEve2008 082

NewYearsEve2008 055

NewYearsEve2008 100

NewYearsEve2008 052

Update: After the party French Mother-in-Law did the empty bottle math to discover that, assuming everyone drank the same amount, each person at the party drank the equivalent of one bottle of champagne and two bottles of wine. It's official: I married into the coolest French family ever.


Cherise said...

I love the French...

Is that the wine cellar in your IL's house?! I want to move in!

Liz Tran said...

Your hair looks gorgeous! BTW.... You look like your mommy.