Monday, March 31, 2008

Show and Tell.

I have exactly 5 minutes to tell you what I've been up to:
So for the past week or so I’ve been working my butt off. I’m working really hard not just because I have an Art Fair to prepare for, but because I really want to try some new ideas and new tricks with my paintings. So I’ve been setting up these little exercises to experiment with color and composition….but mostly I’ve been playing with color.

Just for fun, I set up one particular color scheme which is totally and completely counter to what I would usually choose. I was thinking about how a friend of mine told me years ago that she only dreams in black and white. I found that so strange that for some reason it stuck in my head. So I came up with this color scheme and decided to limit my palette to just these colors:

colorful 047

But after doing a very thin underpainting, I ended up with this:

colorful 043

Lesson learned? "If you're born a lion don't bother trying to act tame." For whatever reason, we gravitate to whatever colors “belong” to us. I cannot see the world very well in black and white…..or shades of monochrome. The painting isn’t near finished, but one thing is clear.

Baby, I dream in big bad color.


Black Women in Europe said...

Hejsan from Sweden! I would like to invite you to showcase your art on the Women of the African Diaspora website: Click on Art and if you're interested please email us.

Second I would like to invite you to join the Black Women in Europe social network:

I am going to add your RSS feed on the WOmen of the African Diaspora social network:

Also, it would be great if you added me to your blogroll. I'm adding you today:


Cindie U. said...

I'm really curious about your painting...does it have a name? I like the dandelions and it's hard to make out the notes/lyrics.

screamish said...

by the way, the date for a talk in French I have to give is did you prepare for your big talk last month? Did you memorize it or wing it? Did you make lots of mistakes in French, if so, did they throw fruit at you, should I be afraid, take a little blue pill etc???

Madame K said...

cindie- No title yet, and it's definitely not finished. I'm not sure what song it is. Something out of an old hymnal I have. I use it for my work often.

Screamish---TAKE XANAX. I seriously would have died without it. The day before the talk I started having heart plapitations just thinking about it.

To prepare I wrote out every thing I wanted to say, then made sure I actually knew how to say it. I had to look up alot of vocabulary stuff. Then I did a short outline version with plenty of notes in the margins just incase I forgot the vocab.

What are you giving a talk on?

Travel said...

Dream in color, color outside the lines, dance to the music in your head, live life, create what excites you. Life is far to short for the routine things in life to be boring.


Headed to Puerto Rice this morning and I don't speak a word of Spanish, this should be fun!

screamish said...

Madame K- thanks for the drugs advice. I'll try and do it without it, Im afraid a xanax might simply make me drool.

The talk is on Australian aboriginal art and culture.

Lucky for me no one else but me in the room could possibly be an expert. This always helps I find to boost the confidence!

Yeah, I'll try yuour method..with margin notes..;good idea...

Ms. Moniker said...

I really like the way your colours seem to come through in your art. I've flipped through a few of your painting related blogs and I feel like every time I look at them I see a new colour, or feature (music notes etc).
Anyway, I thought that'd be nice to hear and I'd love to offer to buy one but since I'm a broke student and the logistics of sending art to other countries is probably insane I'll just leave it with how I really enjoy your colour spectrum.

Diane said...

A girl after my own heart...color all the way!