Tuesday, April 08, 2008

And Where The Hell Have You Been?

Well folks I managed to survive one of my biggest French adventures to date. I just spent 4 days standing in a 3 x 4 square meter cell, explaining my artwork to a generally skeptical French audience.

artmetz 2008 074

To say the least my feet and my vocabulary got a really good work-out. Also I met some really nice folks and (imagine a drum roll here) I sold 4 paintings and 2 screen prints! Also 2 local journalists passed my booth and asked me if I would be interested in a nice write-up on me and my work within the next few weeks and possibly a brief exhibition. I agreed of course, but only under the condition that I get to pick the make-up artist for the photo-shoot. *snorts*

artmetz 2008 001

So my plan for world domination is in full swing. Speaking of domination. Monday, the last day of the show, was a bit slow but it was filled with groups of wandering school kids. I was lucky enough to have a group of kids wander into my booth….and stay. In fact I ended up chatting with them for about ten minutes about the people in my work and the photos and the drawings. Folks, I’m afraid to say it, but those lil tadpoles understood my work better than 90% of the Frogs that passed my booth the entire weekend. They asked incredibly relevant and precise questions and had very helpful comments such as: “I eat dandelions almost every day!”

Uhm, right.

artmetz 2008 089

Unfortunately French kids, much like their French parents, claim to have no money, so no artwork was sold that day. But it was still cool to have a bunch of 7 year olds crawling around the floor in my booth.

artmetz 2008 092

And I am not at all ashamed to say that the highlight of my entire freaking weekend was signing autographs for them. That’s right folks. I signed 15 autographs. I’m officially a celebrity in certain French primary school circles in Eastern France.

art is the new rock and roll


Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear your show went so well. Congrats! Also remember: Those French grade school kids will be flocking to the art shows in a few years and - because you were so nice to them and they now have your autograph - will guarantee you a VERY cozy retirement! *lol*



The Late Bloomer said...

That is so COOL! In every way -- the show, selling your art, explaining it to the kids and having them understand, and SIGNING AUTOGRAPHS! So incredibly cool. Congrats on a fab accomplishment. I'm impressed!

Moya & Troy said...

Congratulations and a great booth!
Do you have a work site where we can see what you have been working on? Or other pieces for sale? I have loved seeing your pieces, and perhaps may be interested...

Anonymous said...

that's really exciting, congrats, i'm glad you had both sales AND groupies.

it is quite possible he eats dandelions every day. the italians do it too.