Tuesday, April 08, 2008

My French In-Laws Kick Your French In-Laws Asses.

And before I forget. I have to brag and gush just a little bit. The whole Art Fair weekend was possible because my inlaws basically installed my whole booth.


First of all, I can't fit my big-ass American sized paintings in my car. So, Papa Jean-Marie (aka French Father-in-law) asked Maman Evelyne (aka French Mother-in-Law) to ask cousin Sara if they could borrow her minivan to haul my paintings.


Once the car situation was remedied the they drove 20 minutes to my house, loaded up the car with my paintings then drove them to the exhibition center and hauled them to my stall. I helped alot, but the in-laws went above and beyond the call of duty. Papa Jean marie spent 6 hours installing the artwork in my booth. Including one emergency trip to castorama for hardware supplies.


Maman Evelyne was on coffee and snack duty. Also, she stayed to work the booth with me. Every day of the Art Fair she arrived dressed to the nines holding a bag that contained my lunch: 2 different types of sandwiches, a boiled egg with extra pepper, half a cup of scooped honeydew melon, a thermos of hot coffee and 2 slices of cake. And twice she brought champagne and enough glasses for all of the neighboring artists.

So, the next time you hear me complain about my inlaws, kick me in the nuts and tell me to shut the f*ck up already.


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Amazing artwork..that is my favourite picture the one going up in this post, there are a few with the colours I really like in the post below but can;t really see them.

Travel said...

Looks wonderful, wish I was there.


raynaae said...

they are soooo nice! they seem so friendly and helpful from your posts about them. I can only hope to have 'laws like that one day.

I'm truly impressed by you cracking out so much work, pulling it all together and running the show. Your paintings are like little vivid memories. What's the price range of renting a booth at art fairs in your area?

Anonymous said...

Your work is stunning and your in-laws totally rule! (mine are awesome too, but totally culinarily challenged)

I sincerely hope you won't forget to let me know when your show is happening in NY. I would love to come show some fellow-artist support.


Cherise said...

I must be hormonal because I got all sappy gushy inside reading about your fabo-french in laws. Between that and the wine cellar, you scored really well in that department!

And on your post below - well done with the sales, and I love that you signed 15 autographs! You rock! You know if you ever feel like doing a show in the excellent art market that is San Antonio ;-) I can hook you up. But I think you're too good and successful for us.

Mignon said...

It's funny to think that any Frenchman could kick anyones ass. But, if this is so (because you said it was)have your French FIL Kick my FIL Irish butt back to Ireland. Bravo, on your Art show.