Monday, April 28, 2008

Paintings vs. Purses.

So one of the biggest benefits of being a part of that Art Fair earlier this month was the wonderful contacts I made. Like the 2 journalists for the newspaper La Semaine, Pierre Aubert and Sarah Teulet, that wandered into my booth the first morning and asked me if I’d be willing to hang a few of my paintings in the Galerie Culture Plastique at Le Printemps in Metz. Apparently in attempt to engage the general public with the local arts community in the region, La Semaine has teamed up with Printemps, (one of France’s swankier department stores) and reserved a space in the store to display a small amount of work by local contemporary artists.

Sarah Teulet Pierre Aubert

Anyway, Pierre and sarah stopped by my studio last week to discuss what paintings and how many and then faster than I could blink as eye it was time for the Opening!

Sarah Teulet

The vernissage as the French call it, was Thursday night. Everybody was there! It turned into a whole Soiree! Who knew so many people would show up to see only 5 paintings?

April 025

April 047

April 038

April 031


Oh and checkout my full page spread in this week’s issue of La Semaine! This is so much cooler than that time I got interviewed for my highschool’s newspaper!


Personally I think the whole collaboration is a nifty idea. Besides, what self-respecting girly-girl wouldn’t want her latest paintings displayed next to $650 Italian handbags? Somewhere there is a joke about the commodification of art just waiting to be made, but I won’t be the one making it.


geotraveler said...

Great stuff Madame K. Digging the monochrome style colors.

Megan said...

very cool! congrats. And I'd pick a painting any day!

Travel said...

How wonderful, you will be rich and famous. I have a wonderful sweater that I bought in the January sales at Printemps back in 1991 (I know I am getting old and I shouldn't keep clothes that long, but the sweater is a classic and still looks great.)


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Amazing how things work out like this, non? (p.s. I covet your necklace!!)


Felicity said...

Great artwork Madame K, thumbs up for good work!

Heidi said...

Oh my Gosh those are so BEAUTIFUL! I just love your art!
Not that my opinion means anything..but still, I'd display those with pride on my wall!

muslimahlocs said...

i know that i am supposed to focus on the art but i have to compliment you on your hair. naturally, it looks great.

Madame K said...

Thanks for the kind words ev-er-y body! It's nice to know I don't suck...or worse, that only academics and chelsea art nerds understand what i do.

Carrie /john---Everybody loves that 3 euros necklace!

Muslimahlocs---your comment reminds me that I need to do a hair post!

Tori C said...

I just going to follow suite with the other and say fantastic artwork! MUCH AND MANY CONGRATS TO YOU!!!