Friday, April 25, 2008

Demons Love Tartiflette.

And on a lighter note, last weekend we finally managed to arrange a dinner with cousins Sandrine and Seb, Michel and Sara, and their combined 4 young boys. Everything was really fun, except that the boys were possessed by demons:

Dinner with Sandrine & Seb  015

Dinner with Sandrine & Seb 019

Note to self: In the future, use red-eye reduction setting on camera.

Also: checkout this awesome illustrated Tartiflette recipe!


The Franco Fille said...

Thanks for the recipe! I've wanted to try it for a minute now.

screamish said...

it's the roblouchon that does it...spirit possession by smelly cheese..I hate it when that happens...

Felicity said...

Lol, little boys are always possessed by demons, I have my fair share of dealing with them, Yes they are fun and yes they are demon possessed.

Travel said...

The red eyes are so right on little boys.