Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Barbie Dream House Update #15: Dream On!

Since it’s spring, we’re back to doing work on the Barbie Dream House.

Now if you recall, we have not one, but two terraces. The small one is directly off of the kitchen. The monster terrace is on the 2nd floor and can be accessed by the main hallway and by our bedroom.


Ever since living in NYC I’ve dreamed of having a rooftop garden, but last weekend was a seriously rude awakening. Has anyone else seen the price of lawn/outdoor furniture lately? It cost as much, if not more, than indoor furniture! Am I the only one on the planet who didn’t know this?

We had absolutely zero luck at finding the type of furniture we our price range, so next we headed over to the lawn and garden place to look for trees. Since our bedroom opens onto the big terace, this is the look I’m going for:

terrace idea 2

terrace idea 3

terrace idea 1

The good news is, according to my calculations, the Barbie Dream terrace will only cost about 15,000 euros to create! So, I’m gonna put a tip jar on the sidebar of my blog and with the love and support of all of you faithful readers, I'm sure I'll have my Barbie Dream terrage by the time my third child starts Lycee.
Sidenote: All photos above stolen from Desire to Inspire blog. If you're into home decor and you aren't reading it everyday, you're a damned fool!


So since we made no progress on the terraces, we ended up buying wall paper for our bedroom instead. Originally we wanted something printed with images from the Kamasutra, but we settled for a simple multicolored rice paper. It was a tough call. Our second choice was this:


Also we may put these lovely puppy decals in our master bathroom.


Seriously…who buys this shit? I do not understand how a country with a reputation for being a center of style, fashion, and art could sell something like puppy wall decals. Does anyone else wonder about this? All I can say is: O' how the mighty have fallen. *shaking head in disapproval*
Oh yeah…I forgot to tell you. We finally got
our furniture!

furniture 001

furniture 006

From the photos you probably also noticed that I scored this lovely sculpture by Denis Pérez one of the artists I met during Art Metz. FrenchBoy and I both liked him immediately and 3 days later bit the bullet and bought it.



He's officially the first French piece in our French-American art collection!

So, the furniture is even more lovely than we imagined. It was totally worth the many months of waiting. The crazy insane orange color is right on. It totally warms up the whole room and its wacky and fun. It really is quite lovely. In fact it’s so lovely that it made me hate everything else in our apartment for about a week.

furniture 017

If our apartment were highschool, the new furniture would be the group of cool seniors that everyone is afraid to talk to. Nothing else quite measured up.

But luckily I came to my senses . I’m over it now.


Jennie said...

I am most jealous of that huge-ass radiator on the wall. I wish we had heat in our apartment!

Travel said...

The penguins belong on the furniture and snuggled up in beg, not pasted to the wall.


Camille Acey said...

When my SlovBoy called me lo those many months ago when I was back in New York and asked me whether I wanted a yellow sofa or orange sofa, I cringed at those choices but bit the bullet and went for orange. Ever since I came here and saw it I've been seen orange sofas all over the cool trendy place and I feel much better about your choice. We have two balconies and I am trying to sort out the larger one now. The job ahead for you makes me a little less daunted about my situation.

I wish you luck. If I get any unexpected cash windfalls I'll send a few Euros towards that terrace fund.

You might consider importing things from America. I get C&B and CB2 updates and they have some cute/fun stuff.

Anonymous said...

Damn, and I thought our 2nd floor balcony was large at about 25m2. We are so gauche, though...geraniums and oleander it is for lowly ole us. But soon the peonies and magnolias will be blooming in the garden, so life on this side of the border will still be good!

My dachshunds - Termi and Rocky - wanna know what you have against the puppy prints, though. They haven't been able to convince us to go whole hog (canine wall covering), but they are proud to say we at least have pups on the toilet paper...

Madame K said...

Jennie- Then it would probably be bad to tell you that the radiators twin brother lives 3 meters away on the other wall just on the other side of the windows. I need heat!

LOL@ travel. Tell your penguin I say "Wassup.”

Camille- Yeah, I never really liked yellow or orange, but we just saw it and fell in love. There were 30 other color options and we still chose orange.

Caratime---yeah our terrace is enormous. It’s bigger than our apartment actually. Originally it was supposed to BE and apartment, but the city of Metz made the architects change the building’s façade and the only solution they could come up with was to eliminate an entire apartment….which we recuperated as terrace. What luck!

Also in Jr High I had a math folder with a photo of cute puppies on it….I blame those damn puppies for all my low marks in mathematics.

Tori C said...

Its gonna be beautiful once you get it decorated the way you want it!! I absolutely LOVE the terrace!!!

Cannot wait to see the finished project! Until then I am loving the photo updates!!!


Cherise said...

Damn what a terrace!!!

I love love love the furniture. I love orange :)