Friday, May 16, 2008

Terribly Flexible and Talented.

Ok, no cheating. Don’t scroll down. You get 3 guesses as to how I got these skanky bruises on the inside of my left arm.


I got in a fight with Madame Snaggle-tooth? Nope.

I was bitten by a Tartiflette Demon? Nope.

I forgot to properly position my arm guard during my first archery lesson?

DING DING DING. Right on the money. Yesterday, I got my archery on!
(I mean doesn't everyone come all the way to France to learn English Long Bow Archery?)


So how did this all come about you ask? Well, I was having coffee one afternoon with Samia, who is a painter, and Annick, who is a photographer. Somehow Annick just happened to mention that her husband was the President of the local Archery club. Yadda, yadda, yadda, three weeks later Samia and I are out in a field shooting at stuff!


Ok, back to how I got the bruise. Well apparently my left arm is about as straight as George Michael, so I really need to wear a long arm protector to keep the chord of the bow thing from slicing off my arm flesh. Unfortunately this long arm guard has to be special ordered from the Freak-o-Nature store, so instead I had to wear two short arm protectors that needed to be repositioned after every shot….untill that one time I forgot.
But even with my one little accident, I think I did pretty damn good for my first lesson. Annick e-mailed me last night to tell me that her husband Guy, our instructor for the afternoon, said I was “terriblement souple et douée.” Which according to google, translates to “terribly flexible and talented”.

Clearly some stuff just sounds cooler and less porno in French.

Anyway, I’ve only had one lesson, but I think I’m gonna keep it up. But if I start to dress like Orlando Bloom in Lord of the Rings, please put an arrow through my head.

And with that thought in mind…


Felicity said...

Lord of the Rings was a great film. Madame K despite the bruses, did you enjoy the archery, and glad that you can going to keep up the lessons. Have a great weekend!

Madame K said...

Felicity- I had a great time! I have NO idea how I would squeeze more lessons into my already packed scehdule, but I'm going to try to figure that out by the time the next session starts in September.

My arm should be healed by then.

Tori C said...

OUCH IS RIGHT!! Looks hella painful! Archery is a skill girl! Looks like you had fun none the less!!


Mignon said...

OK, I Always wanted to take archery lessons. I just may, there is a Archery range just a few miles from my home. Your so cool!!! And Legolas is hot!!! More apples. huh?

Travel said...

Skeet, trap and pistol lessons will be next. (They are fun, but I have to be carefuly who I mention some of my weekend passtimes to.)


Astrid said...

I guessed it straight away because of my own recent archery experience!! Henparty of nine with all the same bruises :)