Sunday, July 13, 2008

To Whom it May Concern.

To Whom it May Concern:

The purpose of this letter is to kindly inform you that 9-year-old boys don’t give a rat’s ass about the sights and sounds of Paris. They are utterly bored by views of the Eiffel tower and remain unimpressed by the grandeur of the Arc de triumph.

Tyson weekend 065

However, they do enjoy trying to karate pigeons and looking at dinosaur eggs.

Tyson weekend 128

Also you would do well to prepare yourself for the fact that they enjoy doing dangerous stuff like jumping over parking pylons and almost busting out their 2 front teef, climbing up safety barriers, and racing other boys up steep escalators and stairways.

Tyson weekend 080

In closing, I wish to advise you that no matter how hard you try to impress a 9-year-old boy in Paris, they will always be more impressed with something like playing video games with other boys...

Tyson weekend 028

or even just watching a car get towed from in front of your garage.

Tyson weekend 141

So....Good Luck with that.

Madame K.


Sara said...


I think you are going to be one kick ass mom should you choose to go ahead with the whole kid thing.

Anonymous said...

i don't know if that's actually any help. are there any expat kids' english speaking playgroups in metz?

actually he sounds like a parkour candidate. sign 'im up!

Mignon said...

OMG!!!!SO FUNNY!!!! That is one of your funniest post. Im blessed with 2 girls. I know because my friend has 3 of those boys your talking about. Like your last pix right back at ya sista.. But I do have to say that, that towing job did looked facinating.

Angry Black Woman said...

I can't believe Tyson is 9! He looks just like Marcus! WOW! I mean right down to his posture! Sooo Scary!

linda said...

I have no idea how I found your blog but I had a blast reading it from start to finish..well, the bottom of the first page! You should write a book, you are so funny and a wonderful story teller...I also love your art, which is probably how I first came upon your blog- another art blog!

Anonymous said...

Freakin feedblitz didn't even send me this at all!

Hilarious post! You should give up art and just be a comedien..

That photo of David and the kid and your FIL is gold!

dougphoto said...

hey are those stairs by the hotel I stayed at in paris?

Also with the dollar in the dumps, you have to get all your frog friends to bring me over, i'm cheap.