Thursday, December 18, 2008

You Might Be a fat Ass.....

This post is just a riff off of yesterday's post.

Does anybody remember that comedian Jeff Foxworthy's stand-up routine from the 90's called "You Might be a Redneck." Well, when I finished my last post I thought up my own version called "You Might be a Fat Ass".

Top of the list: You might be a fat ass if off the top of your head you can name more than 5 French Pastries by their commonly used/historical names.
1. Opera

2. éclair (extra "fat-ass points" if you can name the 3 most common flavors.)

3. St. Honoré

6. Religieuse

See? Fat Ass.

p.s. Lovely artwork supplied by New York artist Carol Gillott at Paris Breakfasts, who makes amazing and very afordable watercolors of French pastries which you can buy in her Etsy shop.


Shanster said...

Not fair when you are IN France!

What if you can name the top 5 fried foods you find at any USofA Fairgrounds?

1. Corn dog
2. Funnel cake covered in at least 1" of powdered sugar
3. Deep fried twinkies on a stick
4. Deep fried snickers on a stick
5. Fried oreo cookies

A guy at work told me he went somewhere and they actually had fried coca-cola.

raynaae said...

i guess i'm 3 pastries shy of being called gros-gros myself.

I dont know the religieuse and st. honore. but that doesnt mean my honorary fat ass hasn't ever eaten one!

Pink Heels said...

It is all relative. : ) Enjoy your pastries!