Monday, March 16, 2009

Why I Heart France Reason #14: "You're my BFF....Bitch!”

Anyone who doesn’t live under a rock knows by now that Franco-American relations have been a bit tense throughout history. At best the two countries can be considered “Frenemies”.

Over the years this has caused me to get into many enthusiastic yet completely fruitless arguments at cocktail parties. They usually go like this:

Frog: Your country eeez so bad. France is zee best.
Me: Whatever. The US sucks, and so does France. The French can be so dillusional about their own country.
Frog: Oh la la, Zeees atteeetude eeez so teeepically Americaine!
Me: Oh, so you’ve met all the Americans?
Frog: No, but I goed to New York City for holidays one time 10 years ago and I watch 'Starsky and Hutch', everyday so I understand everysiiing about zeee U.S.
Me: Oh, then you understand I’m about to kick your Froggy ass right about now?
Frog: I go outside to smoke now. Bye Bye.

(End Scene)

But I’m here to tell you folks, the world it is a changin’! Er’body in Europe got MAD love for the O-man. The French especially. In fact these Frogs love Obama so much that they are apparently willing to buy U.S. currency to prove it.

Obama quarter

I found this ad in the TV guide. And honestly I ain’t mad at whoever thought this up. I’m only pissed that I wasn’t clever enough to think of selling a Frog a quarter "for only 3 Euros" first.

Also, not too long ago while on my way to the post office I saw this.

US flag

It’s not everyday that you see a big-ass American flag draped outside someone’s window here in my part of France. I was so astounded at the sight, that I actually stopped my car in traffic, whipped out my camera and took three photos, much to the dismay of the Frog in the Twingo that was stuck behind me. But he didn’t even honk his horn or give me the screw face. And I can't help but believe that he sat there patiently most likely because he saw the Obama bumper sticker on the back of my dope ride.


The Duchess said...

I've probably had that same exact conversation a thousand times, too! lol

Megan said...

Geez. It's not like it's even the US President nickel with Obama on it. Perhaps anything Hawaiian will sell?

Anonymous said...

Well, the Germans are taking their love of the Big O to a whole 'nother level...

Racist? No. (Extremely) Tacky? Jawohl!

Anonymous said...

He he! What a scream.

Madame K said...

Duchess-- Yeah, it's so boring and tiresome at this point, right?

Megan- I should cast some fake nickels and try to sell those on a street corner downtown... these people will buy anything!

Obama fingers! Yum!

Katie said...

FYI: Those aren't actual coins:

Cherise said...

What is it with the French?! I've had that conversation far too many times and I don't even live in France!

LOL at the Obama-love though. It's a nice change :)

Shanster said...

The screw face? Now that is just fun-ny... very cool wave of o-love. Obamables rock!

Aaron Grunwald said...

"But zee Americans do not have zee history, zee culture, zee education." Thank you for so succinctly and illustratively capturing a "moment" I've experienced all too many times. We may be overly optimistic... but we got Obama, baby!