Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Barbie Dream House vs. Baby: Round 1

I am pleased to report that not only did we truly enjoy having my friend Nat and her daughter Esmé for a weekend visit at the Barbie Dream House, but that everyone survived and nothing got broken. Before the visit, I was a bit worried. For two people who profess to eventually want so breed and make some little crumb-snatchers of our own, we somehow managed to pick out the most un-baby friendly décor possible for our new home. That said, our baby visitor took it in stride. Amazingly she managed to not poke her eye out on the razor sharp edges of our BoConcept entertainment center, and failed to give herself a concussion on the 200 kilo glass dining-room table.

Baby 005

Before this weekend FrenchBoy and I had joked about commissioning the Bouroullec brothers to design us baby cages for our kids, but now I am confident that our furniture probably won’t permanently disfigure our future-offspring.


Anonymous said...

heck, kids could probably hurt themselves in a padded cell, so not to worry. i just hope that at whatever time you and your man decide to procreate, your furniture has the wherewithal to deal with mini-midget with smeared hands and dirty mouths. i swear my depression glass collection didn't see the light of day again till my kids were well into their teens!

Anonymous said...

At least with a baby cage, you'd know that the shit machine hadn't crawled out the window.
Glad the visiting alien came to no harm.

Megan said...

I think furniture is more prone to be broken by children than the other way around. Just get a dog to follow the kid around all the time, so that when the kid falls, the dog breaks its fall.

Gilbert said...

dog=crumb remover

Cherise said...

FWIW - we live in what is basically a construction zone with a 2.5 yr old running around. It was definitely easier when she was less she likes to do things like pick up the hammer or run the power drill or climb the ladder. So far the worst that has happened are mosquito bits (I, however, stepped on a massive nail....F fell from a ladder...)

Your kid will be happy in the Barbie Dream House. It may just not be so clean.

Mae said...

Esme! That is the one of the names I have picked out for a daughter, if I ever have one...It means "love".