Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Why I Heart France Reason #15: Drink Up For Jesus!

drink up for Jesus

One of the things I love most about living in France is the fact that Frogs claim to be Catholic, but are really total heathens that will turn any religious holiday into an excuse to get ripped on really tasty wine.

I freakin’ love easter.


And in my best effort to become more Frog-like I too took part in heathenous activities this weekend. (In fact, months ago we booked tickets to Paris not realising that this weekend was in fact easter weekend. Duh!) Gone are the days of shopping for the perfect outfit to wear for the church Easter recital on Easter Sunday. This year we skipped all that and just went shopping on Easter Sunday!

weekend fun 070

weekend fun 074

weekend fun 061

What are the odds that Jesus will bitch slap me straight to hell for celebrating his miraculous return from the dead with Korean Barbeque, 11 euro worth of FrenchFries, and Ferragamo loafers?

weekend fun 084b


Travel said...

Fertagomo loafers, there must be a god!


m said...

umm yeah you show us the fries and not the shoes?? what gives... :)

beebimbop said...


I'm curious about the 11 euro fries. One order of fries made out of an 11 Euro potato - the Ferragamo of potatoes - or did you consume 6 or so pounds of fries throughout the weekend?

Either way, good show!

beebimbop said...
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The Duchess said...

Sounds like the perfect way to spend Easter Sunday. All I got was a handful of Barbie chocolate Easter eggs...lol

Tamden Walk said...

That food looks AMAZING. Dang it I've got to move to France! How do you find these fabulous restaurants? When I took the train to Paris a few months ago (I'm in London) with four of my family members who had come to visit, I got stuck eating at the McDonalds in St Germain des Pres.

Shanster said...

No, no, no. Jesus wants you to be happy! He WANTS you to eat Korean BBQ and pomme frites and stimulate the economy. You are helping your fellow man AND making Jesus happy.

He WANTS you to celebrate the fact he is alive again. :)

Madame K said...

Travel- Ferragamo was a shoe God....but unfortunately he did not get ressurected.

M- A per your request,shoe photos added.


Please note that I walked into Ferragamo wearing a pair of busted-ass crocs....and tried on the loafers with a pair of horrible "flesh colored" nylon "mis-bas" socks that I snagged from the bitchy lady at the Chanel store. Am I funny, or am I funny?

beebimbop- that tiny order of fries actually was priced at 11 euros at our fancy hotel, but it came with 2 free cocktails so...we forgive them.

Duchess-- Barbie lays chocloate eggs? Awesome!

Tamden- French Boy and I actually suck ass at finding good restaurants. We rely fully on the Michelin guide. When we do not have our Michelin guide we usually get so aggrivated that we end up eating dinner at a hotel bar----Hence 11 euro order of fries.

Shanster- Clearly we are of the same religion.

Cherise said...

I think Jesus would be glad you found good food.
This Catholic celebrate Easter at the Thai Buddhist Temple celebrating Songkran (new year), which is all about washing away old sins, so I figure it counts....and we had fabulous food too.

Aaron Grunwald said...

Which stores were open on Easter!?!?