Sunday, May 31, 2009

Home again, home again, jiggety-jig.

Aaaaaaah. There really is no place like home.

After a month of non-stop work and travel I can barely begin to tell you how damn good it feels to just be home.

A quick vacation, my art opening in Brussels, then dashing off on a 10 day trip to London and Paris with one of my oldest friends. Sure, it was all great fun, but hot damn---travel is exhausting! Now that I am home, I may never leave my house again. I'm actually looking forward to doing laundry and reorganising my armoires. I am in full-on nesting mode.

Best of all, I have 3 glorious months of summer that are scheduled with absolutely nothing! No shows, no deadlines, no applications, no galleries, no nothing. Well nothing accept one little treat that I've arranged for myself. Beginning on Tuesday at 2PM I will officially be a guitar student.

A few years ago, I bought FrenchBoy a Fender DG-5 for Christmas because one time in some random conversation he casually mentioned that he would like to play an instrument. Of course, he really had no interest in taking guitar lessons, and a week after Christmas it was already collecting dust in a corner of our apartment. And Sadly, it has been doing just that for quite a few years now.

So, after nearly 10 years of hemming and hawing, I've finally signed myself up for guitar lessons because well, like everyone else, I secretly want to be a rock star. I'm really excited about my lessons, but also worried about how on earth I will acquire all the new musical vocabulary. Taking guitar lessons is one thing, but taking them in French is another. As the quote goes: "Some motherfuckers are always trying to ice skate uphill."*

*Mad props to anyone who know which movie that quote comes from.


Charlotte said...

Hello, I've been reading your blog for quite some time now. I absolutely enjoy it !

Well I think it's a quote from the movie "Blade" :)

Random_Personette said...

How did you find London,this time round?The weather has been a bit touch and go here recently but the weekend has been gorgeous.And I want to learn an instrument too.I got a Violin for my birthday 4 years ago and I haven't touched it!

The quote is from Blade-Wesley Snipes all the way.(I think ).

Joyce said...

blade...glad you're back home...missed ya..

Anonymous said...

Well at least you've never learned guitar vocab in English, so it'll be starting fresh. That's like my skiing, I've only ever learned in French, so I don't really know the lingo in English.

Have fun rocking out!

XaiXai said...

Hi Madame K

I believe the quote is from Blade Runner, I think a doll robot dressed as Napoleon says it. Or was I dreaming. Any way, Luv your blog.


The Language of Letting Go said...

HaHa, I am totally loving your blog and your style of writing. Much success with your lessons. By the way that queto , it's from "Blade". :)
Have a wonderful day.

BebeHarden said...

Love that quote! It's so me; always trying to do the most :)