Thursday, August 06, 2009

In Bruges, I mean Brugges, I mean Flanders...Erh, whatever.

I never know whether I should spell it the English way or the Dutch way. Anyhow, 2 weekends ago we went to Brugges....Flanders...whatever.

It was fantastic:

Brugges 016

First things first, I had a Brugge Blonde, then we headed out for a little evening walk around town. Please be forewarned that FrenchBoy looks painfully adorable in the photo that follows.

Brugges 019

Brugges 024

Brugges 029

Mmmmm! Frites!
Less than 30 seconds after this photo was taken, the dirty hippie sitting on that bench in the left of this photo spilled beer on my right food. It was the only bad part of our trip.
Oh---and he was American. *deep sigh*
So Brugge is beautiful at night, but it's fantastic by day as well. The city is clean and bright and extremely well kept. I literally had to search for a cigarette butt on the ground. It made us realise just how dirty the city we live in is. But this is no surprise because well, French people are generally dirty stinky litter-bugs.

Brugges 043

Brugges 058

Brugges 055

Brugges 048

Brugges 099
So we walked around all day....

Brugges 109

Did some shopping in Brooklyn...

Brugges 106

And FrenchBoy got a hand job massage at Aveda. Doesn't the photo just look naughty?

But I guess it's the least they can do when they charge you 50 euros for a tube of conditioner. (Not for nothin', but the conditioner was worth every centime.)

Brugges 105

Brugges 110


Brugges 114

If you ever make it to Brugge and want an excellent meal, you gotta go to Pieter Pourbus. I have had very few dining experiences where I left the restaurant and said "Oh man, that was ridiculously good." This was such an occassion.

We ordered the "chunk of meat for two" and were both overwhelmed yet delighted when the waitress brought out half a cow and a bucket of frites. This is the very poorly composed before photo of our meal:

Brugges 115

Brugges 116
This is me going into a beef coma after my third serving. If you look closely you will see the gleaming beads of sweat on my forehead....or more like I'm actually sweating gravy.

Brugges 117

Thumbs up! "I ate a whole damn cow bitches!"

Brugges 129
The French have coffee after dinner out of habit, but after a meal like this, a strong coffee is absolutely mandatory. At one point before it arrived on the table FrenchBoy actually started to nod off at the table. This coffee saved me from having to drag him back to the hotel in a Fireman's carry. Close call I tell ya!

fireman carry

Brugges 130
Of and for dessert I ate a rat.

Brugges 148

Miam-Miam! (That's French for "Yum-Yum!")


KLS said...

Love the pics and the commentary!!!

Bruges is a city I've been wanting too see ever since I saw the Colin Farrell film.

Team Jacob said...


You and your hubby could be a travel and eats TV show :)

How far is Brugges from where you live?

Tamden Walk said...

The pics are beautiful. And is that a new wedding ring? It's be-u-t- ful as well.

'Drea said...

Nice pics.

Makes me want to go to Bruges and ride a bicycle in front of Brooklyn. I would have a rucksack instead of a handbag though.

I wonder if the fashion police would come after me...

Dedene said...

It is a beautiful town. Looks like you had a wonderful trip. However, I'd pass on those ratten.

Viajera said...

I agree that Bruge is beautiful. But... Wow. It is so effing boring (to me). I hated some of the things about that movie "In Brugge", but I have to agree with Farrel's character that the place has no va va voom.
Great post, though.

Madame K said...

KLS- right as you walk into the FNAC store in Brugge there is a big movie display selling DVDs of, take a wild guess: "In Brugge".

Team Jacob- Brugge is a 3 hour drive from Metz. Or 3.5 hours if you stop at Pizza Hut near Brussels to have a MeatLovers pizza.

Tamden- Nope. Same ring, just looks extra bling-blingy in these photos. Also--MSCLIF trivia: My wedding band is actually the big hunk of titanium with a black in-lay that I always wear on my right hand. FrenchBoy and I have a matching set.

Drea- yeah I'd actually love to take a bicycle around Brugges....if I weren't completely terrified of riding bicycles.

Dedene- The ratten was actually really good. Like a giant gummy bear.

Viajera- Some cities have Va-va-voom and others have charm. Brugge is all charm. I've lived in NYC so I've had my fair share of Va-va-voom. Now I just go to places for the charm......and the food. *shrugs*

1ondoncalling said...

Bonjour Madame K,

Bruges is a lovely little town! I had a great time last year. Did you see the nunnery? It's blissfully beautiful!
Can't remember its name, something Beguinage?

sprite said...

looks like you both had fun. i recall visiting the dominican rep a year ago and was struck by how clean it was- not as clean as bruges i suspect but still enough to be noticeable.
for some weird reason i find the picture with the old/er?? lady riding a big bicycle with what appears to be a designer handbag hanging off the handle very funny.
also i could eat meat all day, every day. i was salivating at the juicy feast there. i don't even require chips/fries/frites.

ieishah said...

yay!! brujas!! i love brujas!!! that's what we call it in spanish... i used to live 45 minutes from bruges with my belgian ex...

i adore that little city! did you take a little gondola ride on the river or whatever the proper name for the body of water that runs through that city is? did you walk through the residential areas? even the people are cute!! bruges (and gent, if you're in the market for another adorable, lively little flemish city) is about the only thing i miss about belgium. ok. antwerp is hot too. great shopping. but that's it. definitely don't miss the ex.

great post!

Jess said...

You guys are ridiculously cute :)

Kourt said...

Hi! I just came across your blog and I love it. It's very inspiring to see a artist living abroad. I'm looking forward to reading your blog.

Also the pics to Bruge makes me wish I went there instead of Brussels when I was in Europe. I will definitely add it to my list of places to see now.

ActsofFaithBlog said...

You always seem to be having so much fun. I really like the humor you inject in your posts as well. I thought that was a gummi rat. Your photos always crack me up.

Shanster said...

K - that last picture looks really (gasp) naughty! And who can see the beads of sweat or the beer with that clevage? When you got it, flaunt it!!

You guys make such a great couple! LOVE that pix...

Your minions missed you during your ennui....

geotraveler said...

Great photos! Takes me back there.

That rack of meat plus Bearnaise looks sooo decadent.

k said...

Once again I am sick with envy after reading your blog. Bruges! Really. After watching the movie In Bruges, I had put that on my list of places I would like to someday visit. Then I look at your blog & damn... I am so jealous. As usual your pictures are lovely & the food looks sooo good. I am so living vicariously through your pictures. Great post.

SuzanH said...

1. I just bought a tube of the Aveda conditioner and LOVE LOVE LOVE it. My coarse hair feels so soft. You're right - totally worth every penny.

2. My husband and I watched In Bruges and now we periodically look at each other and say, "Fucking Bruges." Because it's an awesome phrase.

3. That dinner looked delicious.

Michael Mattison said...

Great visuals in all your posts; unique. Most definitely not stock agency stuff! Well done.