Monday, July 20, 2009

Blog Ennui. Please Stand By.

Seriously. I cannot be bothered to blog.
There's something in the summer air that has given me blog ennui as of late. Nothing seems exciting enough to blog about. And so I bring you....a random photo dump:

1. The new Metz Pompidou Center down the street is finally getting its chapeau. I think it's supposed to open next year?

2. Obama throws gang signs.

3. Double date with Manu and Emmanuella. We went to a Portuguese restaurant, in Luxembourg of course, where I had Dorado that was to die for.

And then the waiter came out and cooked up crepes in Grand Marnier...which I personally thought was super gross cuz I hate Grand Marnier.

4. Me and a bunch of other drunk Anglophones partying it up at La Fete de La Musique. I have no idea who the guy in the kilt is, but he was as cute as a bug's ear.

The only good band we heard all night:

5. And last but not least. My teeny tiny mom/Yoga Instructor/almost Reiki Master/ordained Disciples of Christ minister with her very tall Drag Queen friend at Gay Pride in Indianapolis, Indiana. Amen!

Ok, that's it. That's all I got.


"Holistic Locs" said...

LOVING your blog as always!

I've always been super curious about living in France as I'm just across the pond in London and would like to make my great escape to mainland europe very soon! Your blog has fantastic insights and always puts a smile on my face lol.

Keep inspiring ;o)

Linda @

Andromeda said...

So this is kind of random (like the post I suppose?) but I stopped explaining what denomination I was, because no one had ever heard of Disciples of Christ and looked at me like it was a cult or something, not to mention the whole French confusion of culte/secte. So I am just super excited that you mentioned your mom is a minister for it!

And jealous that you saw one good band at Fete de la Musique, I wandered around all night and was not so impressed by anyone in particular.

Anonymous said...

Summer is for soaking up the vitamin D, not for hanging out inside! Good post, lovely pictures.

m said...

love that last pic with your mum! she reminds me of my mum, mainly because she is also teeny tiny and super cute!

sprite said...

it's cool, enjoy the summer. heaven knows it is brief enough in most of europe!

A Daughter of the King said...

I just love your mom and drag queen pic. Enjoy your summer.

Shanster said...


heh, heh - you said, "dump"... heh, heh.

ValeriesWorld said...

The food at the restaurant sounds Hmmm! and have a great summer!

Aaron Grunwald said...

The poor Pompidou Center Metz people... the opening date just keeps getting pushed back and back and back.

Travel said...

Oh how I wish I was there!


Nikita said...

your hair is amazing and your mom is so cute!!

Tee said...

Dear Madame K

FINALLY I have "caught up" with you...have just read your latest entry and as a certified lurker I'm proud to say that now I've read each and everyone of your entries. Yep, from the very beginning to the last one.

Sounds crazy doesn't it? What is actually crazier is that it took me about 7 months and 3 continents to read everything.

I think your work is briliant, you're funny and witty and the French are damn lucky to have you in their country.

Papadesdeux said...

We should all have moms so cool.

samselton said...

haha your mom is soo adorable!
i totally want to cuddle her!
was i wrong for saying that?? lol