Thursday, December 17, 2009

OOOOh-Weee! I Been Busy....Readin'!

friends 006

Well first I’d like to apologize for not blogging as of late. I’ve been really really drunk busy. Well, it is the Christmas season and all. And Goddess knows the only way to make it through the uber-grey Alsace-Lorraine winter is to get y'ur drink on start a book club with a few friends.

friendlyfriends 012

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention. I have friends now. Unlike when I lived in Thionville, now that I live in the big city of Metz (please catch my sarcasm) I actually have managed to build up a lovely group of friends to get drunk spend time reading books with. How a former Brooklyn party-girl literati could survive 4 years in a small town in France without a proper drinking possee book club, is a complete mystery to me, but it happened.

friendlyfriends 004

But those days are over, and now that I have myself a pretty nice sized posse. Big enough that when we all go out together we have to make reservations so they can push 2-3 tables together. We have even developed proper drinking book club names for eachother such as Quich-Lorraine, Kir-on, A-Ron Hubbard, and La Rochelle, all clearly inspired by copious amounts of wine our favorite literary references.

friends 018

We all ended up in France for different reasons, and we’ve all been here differing amounts of time, but the one common denominator is that we all really appreciate being able to spend time with other Anglophones. As lovely as France can be, there are days when you’d prefer to be just about anywhere else on the planet earth. And on days when I need to drown those sentiments in a bottle of Rosé good book, well, now I have buddies to do that with.

friends 021

Photo caption: "I love the reading!"


Camille Acey said...

ahhh, this gives me hope!

Alison said...

I love this post! My ex-husband went to school in Metz and his godfather lives in I have been to both places. They're lovely, but yes, Metz would be preferable!

It's also nice to have anglophone drinking buddies, I mean, book club friends.

Dedene said...

The need to hang out with other anglos is something I've only recently admitted to needing. Glad you've got a gang to hang with.

Shanster said...

I'm so glad to hear about all your fantastic drink...cough... books being read and enjoyed and discussed!

Could you recommend a few? grin

Travel said...

It is good to hear from you. Have fun!


'Drea said...

It is nice to have friends. Glad you found a posse to call your own.

By the way, Frenchboy looks quite dreamy (or drunk ;)) in that pic.

Karin (an alien parisienne) said...

Fun post! :) While reading, I kept thinking of the "Malcolm in the Middle" episode where the mom, Lois, wants to become more cultured, so she joins a book club only to discover it is an excuse for the other moms to drink and plot against a seemingly too perfect PTA mom. :D

I am glad you found a posse, too. Four years in the ch'tis without one is toooooo long! Glad you are now living it up in the "big city." :)~

And I agree with Drea -- you and Frenchboy are as cute as a couple of petit pois in a pod, to totally inter-mangle my metaphors. ;-)

joy said...

Hahaha you get me cracking up all the time.I have been here in the north pole for just 6months now and i am trying to put together my own book club buddies,winks.The only problem is that most of them don't drink.

m said...

looks like fun! here i am in brooklyn not having half as much reading done.

sprite said...

looks like good fun. happy reading! do recommend some good books..;-)

Sara Louise said...

Oh how I need book club friends! And preferably English speaking ones :-)

Evolutionary Revolutionary said...

Dear Madame K,

I am formally joining your "Book Club" so as I can be introduced to the handsome blonde on the left in photo number one. (And hang out with you and the French Boy OF COURSE!) Don't tell me, he's gay right?


lunargoddess2002 said...

I'm in Clermont-Ferrand the absolute worst place in France. I'm part of an Anglophone Women's club. It saved my life.The ladies are uptight and a bit too conventional at times but you take what you can get. Enjoy your "books"

Aaron Grunwald said...

Did I have dinner last night with a librarian or with a "librarian" -- hmmm???