Friday, August 13, 2010

The Magic Garden.

One of our main goals for this year was to finally do something with the Barbie Dream House terrace. It’s been nearly 3 years since we moved in I think and we still haven’t done anything with the space. You see the problem with having a 130 square Meter terrace is…where the hell do you start? Not to mention the obvious question such as how much is this project gonna cost. In the end we gave ourselves a modest budget to work with for this year. Little by little we’ve been ordering everything on our list:

Salon and coffee table? Check!

Over-priced planters? Check!

Ginormous Parasol? Check!

Plants? Oh Fer f*ck’sakes I knew we forgot something!

So after much deliberation and research we took the logical next step. No we didn’t go to the garden center and pick up some trees; instead we ordered some bamboo on the internet. The place came well recommended by a friend of French-Mother-in-Law so I wasn’t really worried about quality. I don’t know exactly what I thought it would look like or how it would arrive. I guess I imagined it would come on a truck or something. Instead, what actually arrived was so much better:

bambou 001

bambou 003

Voila! Say hello to my gorgeous little garden in a box delivered by regular express mail.

My 8 baby bamboo plants came wrapped in saran wrap and packed in white packing peanuts inside a medium-sized cardboard box. (Seriously dude. Who the hell still used packing peanuts?) Much to my delight they are in perfect health, and very, very pretty.

Bamboo in a box. Who knew?


Megan said...

Dang. I can't believe your terrace is about twice the size of our apartment! Those baby bamboo plants aren't going to fill up 130 meters squared.

Team Jacob said...

They look very nice!

Shanster said...

FABULOUS! When are we sitting out there to sip coffee and read the paper??

mccork said...

Hi Madame K, v. jealous of your beautiful bamboo plants. We are in Loire Valley, went to Bricomarche (should have known better!) then Jardiland next door, in search of some bamboo, the former had really sad, brown plants, the latter nothing, but what was there cost a fortune! did you get your plants via internet/mail order? if so, could you post the link? Your plants will look amazing on your terrace. thanks!

Madame K said...

Megan- Yeah not even close. It'ss be years before we have a full jungle.

Shanster- More like smoke cigarettes and drink Rose. Come on over!

McCork- here's the website.

Just make sure to buy the type that can withstand the lovely French winters i.e. "tres rustique". Mine are good to -25 degrees. They MAY survive.