Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New Work in Progress and One Naughty Drawing.

Leave it to me to fly all the way to another continent to take a technical workshop on printmaking and encaustics, only to come home and start making sculptures. You really never know what part of your brain will get tickled when you let new info in. I can't be bothered to make drawings or paintings at the moment. I'm way too interested in making three dimensional objects that I can touch and hold. Oh, and I'm making them in concrete.

Why concrete? Two reasons:

1. Beautiful and incredibly flexible material (surprisingly enough) with so many options and ways to form it.

2. It costs practically nothing and can be bought at nearly any common hardware store.

(You know how much artists love hardware stores, right?)

3. Concrete is hard, heavy, and tough i.e., it's bad ass.

At the moment 3 sculptures are curing in my garage. They aren't done yet since I still have finishing work to do, but still, this is exciting stuff. I have no photos, but here are the idea sketches from my sketch book.

Concrete Sketch 1

Concrete Sketch 2

Concrete Sketch 3

Concrete Sketch 4

Concrete Sketch 5

Of course the actual objects look nothing like the drawings. I made the sketches before I'd ever even mixed my first batch of concrete. (Wishful thinking?) As soon as I started applying my mix to my armature everything changed. But hey, that's half the magic!
p.s. Thank You to my friend Mr. Aaron California for pointing out the perverse implications of the second to last drawing.



Sara said...

the last one reminds me of TADRE


'Drea said...

Really like the third drawing which is quite the roadmap.

Ann said...

I can't wait to see the finished work. How exciting to feel new inspiration.