Thursday, September 16, 2010

How to Bang & Burn.

Hot on the heels of my guest post about "What I Learned From Running My Own Art Gallery", I figured this would be the a perfect moment to segway into telling you about my latest big project.

A few months ago I got the idea for a traveling, no-walls gallery while listening to an Art Heroes Radio podcast. Philip Huang was talking about how he opened a theatre in his spare bedroom because he couldn't find an affordable theatre where he could produce his one-man shows and performance works. I thought to myself: “Uhm, I should do that.”

My partner in crime, and fellow artist, Charlie Grosso and I have been wanting to work together on a project for about two years now. The idea of producing our own exhibitions and events seemed to fit the bill perfectly. Last month while I was in New York we decided to put our heads together and just do the thing. Less than six weeks ago we officially formed Baang & Burne Contemporary.

Our plan is simple yet ambitious: To produce 4-6 exhibition events a year in cities in the US and Europe. I say it’s ambitious because the goal is to pull off each event with a minimal budget while putting together a quality exhibition. The ‘Big-Picture’ goal of each event is to introduce each of the artists to possible new collectors in a new geographic region, or just a new group of people even in their own backyard. In other words, each event is not just about showing the work and adding a line to a CV, but about promoting increased future sales by engaging new audiences through relationship and community building.

Now here’s where it gets really exciting. Instead of using the traditional “pop-up” gallery that takes over a commercial space or store front for a limited time, we’re going to create a series of private “one night only” events with a much smaller cozy guest list of individuals. Most of the events will actually take place in a private home and will be by invitation only. Of course invitation only doesn’t mean exclusive. Anyone has the chance to be invited simply by getting onto our invite list.

Baang and Burne’s first event will take place in New York City on September 26th, 2010 with New York City artist Jane Zweibel. To say the least, we are excited! As usual more details will be forthcoming.

In my next post I’ll answer the question: “Who the hell are Baang and Burne?”


the fly in the web said...

That sounds a brilliant idea.

Lisa Wines said...

Years ago my friend had what she called the Temporary Contemporary Art Gallery, where she negotiated with shopping mall owners to put an art gallery into their unrented space until they could find a permanent renter. It was good for them because their mall didn't look empty and good for her because all she paid was utilities. :-) She also put on shows in the lobby of bank buildings and other large spaces that would be enhanced by having something like this in their space.

Good luck with this great idea!

Madame K said...

Lisa- I never thought about the mall. That's hilarious!

Miss Glamtastic said...

That sounds so cool! I know it will be a success.

Afiyah said...

K, I am loving the concept of Baang & Burne! Great plan, particularly in terms of the cozy atmosphere and building relationships. That's a strategy that suits a person like me, who is becoming more and more interested in art. How does one get on the invite list? Will you guys be coming to Atlanta or a nearby city?