Tuesday, February 28, 2012

And The Oscar Goes To......

Are you effin' kidding me?


When I heard on the morning news that Jean Dujardin won an Oscar, I immediately had the following two thoughts in rapid fire succession:

1.  Oh snap! Someone must have slipped a some wacky drugs into my last batch of Nespresso capsules and I am now having a crazy, laced coffee-induced hallucination.

2.  Holy F*ck. I've had a mild stroke in the area of my brain that controls language because I could swear the TV lady said "Brice de Nice" won an Oscar.

As it turns out, I was neither drugged or stroking out.

Like George Clooney, I spent the next 24 hours in a bitter, hazy cloud of shock, disbelief, and disgust.  And then it dawned on me: Of course the Academy loves him. They don't have to suffer through his crappy french TV show and they've clearly never seen any of his other work.

I dare you to make it to the 5 minute mark without thinking to yourself: 
"This dude won a frickin' Oscar?  For realsies?"

End rant.

Let's fast forward to the part where I give you my 2013 Oscar picks.
My pick for Best Actor in a Leading Role:




growningrace said...

Haa! Finally, someone who's actually seen other things that he's been in. His (brand new) fan club seems to think that he just popped on the scene this year.

Aww, Un Gars,Une Fille brings back so many memories for me.

zetagirl said...

Yaaay! A post from you. Don't you know that some of us live vicariously through you? Yes, we realize that you actually have a life but...yeah. You're right...couldn't watch that crap for long. At all.

Ro @ Eat Live Move said...

Who would have thought? That's why we need you to drop the knowledge. lol

All in all, I really enjoyed the awards and loved seeing Billy Crystal do his thing.

Gem said...

Hehehe yes, it was hilarious! I actually /love/ Un gars une fille, but I do think it is a bit like awarding Leslie Nielson an Oscar. The best part? On the red carpet, poor Jean had to struggle through some English interviews. Robin Roberts said, "You're HUGE in France!" and he actually laughed about it ("Oh yes, 'huge'"). At least he had a sense of humor about it all!

BebeJardin said...

Oh no Madame K! You don't like Loulou?! I adore Jean DuJardin, even if he introduced that horrible catch phrase "Casse-toi" or whatever. The Artist is a great film and he met the challenge. He's not a great actor, he just landed a wonderful role. PLUS, don't you think he's cute? I love me some DuJardin. He looks so NOT French!

Ro @ Eat Live Move said...

Hey there! I just wanted you to know that I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. As a new blogger and France lover, I find your posts informational, inspiring, and funny! Click here for more information about the award. Have a good one!

American in Norway said...

Awesome blog.. funny girl hope to read more from you! :-)