Wednesday, June 06, 2007

In Metz....You might get cut!

Oh, SNAP! Apparently our new crib is in the hood!

Security move after judge stabbed

A mother who lost custody of her child has stabbed a judge in a court in Metz, France, prompting President Nicolas Sarkozy to order stricter security in courtrooms.

Judge Jacques Noris was stabbed three times in the abdomen with a long knife, and was taken to hospital in serious condition, according to fellow judge Guerric Henon.

The incident occurred after Noris, who handles child custody cases in the court in Metz, ordered a child placed in care outside the home, court officials said.
Man, I thought I had escaped reading headlines like this when I left Brooklyn, but clearly I was wrong.

*shaking head in dissapproval*

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Anonymous said...

yeah strange huh, sleepy old metz. i thought it was even stranger though that people entering a court don't go through security checks! i thought that was standard.