Sunday, August 26, 2007

French Baby Blogging #3- Don't drink the water.

This past weekend we spent more than a fair amount of time with babies and mommies. I tell ya, this is the year of the baby. Lately it seems like everyone I know is knocked up or in the process of cooking one up. Seriously people, the babies are taking over.

Friday night we had cocktails until the wee hours chez Bruno and Annick. We adore their daughter Zoe who plays shy, but it a real crack up.

weekend baby blogging 010

Saturday we stoppped by Seb and Sandrine's to meet their new baby Thomas, who was fast asleep in the most beautiful bassinette I have ever seen. I didn't take any photos of Thomas while he was napping, but I did take a few pics earlier in the week when French-Mother-in law and I went shopping for his baby gift.

paintings 009

Baby stores are like planets of their own. I try not to touch anything or read the instructions on the back of the boxes for fear that my ovaries may tie themselves in a knot.

paintings 008

What is all this stuff? What the hell do you use that for?

paintings 011

It was all so disorienting. I mean, they even have their own SUVs. Why? Do babies really need Hummers? This thing looks like freakin' H2 and has a pricetag to match.

paintings 013

paintings 012

I did however find this last item interesting. Apparently this company has taken a hint about who buys their products and has introduced the 'dark mommy with light baby' ad compaign. Me likey! I mean, duh already.

Anyway. Babies. Whatever.


Angry Black Woman said...

You know, it's always the one that don't want children that end up knocked up. God has a sense of humor. You better watch out before he decides your his next comic strip! LOL

Anonymous said...

It looks like Alicia Keys gave birth to Dr. Evil! :D

Travel said...

A baby that young and tummy that flat, amazing!


Heidi said...

That last picture is a little disturbing. It must be great to false advertise the fact that her tummy is as flat as a pancake...because we all know it never bounces back to it's original shape. She's also lucky she has no strech marks...most women look like they've been malled by a bear. False advertising 101....

I'm just sayin'