Thursday, August 30, 2007

Mais si, je parle Anglais!

Every Wednesday for the last 2 years I have spent the evening with this delightful group of ladies. For an hour and 30 minutes each week they tried their hardest to learn English and I tried my hardest to teach it.

last_class 004

After two years I am proud to say that Evelyne, Ndege, and Martine can speak English. They're a bit timid about speaking, but they can say what needs to be said, express their opinions, and they understand most of my goofy jokes....or at least they pretend to.

last_class 011

Since I'm moving to a new city in a few weeks, last night was our last class together. Evelyne was kind enough to prepare this amazing and yummy spread of snacks for us, complete with champagne ...of course! These ladies really know how to have fun. I can't wait to invite them over to my new place for rooftop cocktail parties!

last_class 001

Honestly, I probably learned just as much about French language and culture from them as they learned English and American culture from me. It was truly a learning experience for us all...and man did we have fun!


Barbara said...

Hehe, justs een your comment on the otehr blog so thought I'd come here to let you know that I am always right!! ;)
Have been reading bits of your blog and can't believe that you're moving to Metz too-what is it with Metz since I left?? Anyhoo, I am still half a Sablon resident, so welcome in the neighbourhood!

Angry Black Woman said...

Aww! That is beyond cool that you were teaching those ladies english! I hope you fit in the proper curse words in the process! ***as if there is such a thing*** Can you teach me how to say to the judge in court. "I am sorry your honor, I did not mean to just injure my baby daddy. I actually meant to kill him."

Travel said...

I wish I could find a group here, to help me work on my 500 words of French.


Anonymous said...

What a great way to learn French, too...and a nice way to meet other people.

Is this something that you organized, or is this a pre-existing group that you joined? :0l

MadameK said...

MLLE- Back before I was a lady of leisure I put an add in the paper to see if I could make extra cash as an English tutor. I got 8 students,my first week. It was crazy! I made a ton of money, but then I got bored so I took less and less students and ended up keeping just my favorites for the last year.


Emily said...

Looks like you had a great group there and what a lovely party they threw for you. I just started meeting with a group of about 10 retirees, leading them in a conversation class too. Right now, we're only meeting every other week, but I hope to have a similar experience as you. :)