Thursday, August 23, 2007

Time Out For My New French Hair!

I was all alone yesterday when I realized -- I was having a kick-ass hair day, so I ran into the bathroom and took some photos.

Yes folks, my groovy afro-puff is growing and it looks awesome! Check it:

paintings 023

This is the best my hair has looked since.......ever! I understand that you cannot really see the whole super curly-anti-gravity effect in this photo, but trust me it is cool. I can even do a ponytail now!
I think I will give myself a trim and hilight this weekend. These are my two favorite haircolor fantasies of the moment:

hair fantasies

The one on the left is really pretty, but definitely too red for me. And with my round little face I doubt I could pull off that middle part. ( But I can still dream right?) The photo on the right is more my style anyway. Also I like the Ash Brown color better. If my hair looks like either of these by this time next year I'll be thrilled!

The best part of having my afro-puff of course is that all those glorious curls come with relatively no maintenance. I don't even use conditioner anymore. In fact I only "comb" my hair once a week. I wash my hair, towel dry it, then finger comb it with Aloe gel, and voila!

It's like hair magic!

p.s. So....if at anytime while reading this post you were wondering what this has to do with living in France I will tell you. It was all the totally gorgeous Black girls that I would spot while on various weekend trips to Paris that inspired me to finally let my hair go natural in the first place. If I could send "Thank You" cards I would!


Angry Black Woman said...

I always have been afraid to go natural!
One of my good friends went natural once she hit the D.C. scene and was blending in at Howard.
She loves her hair and it is beautiful! But to this day she complains on how she got there.
At first she stopped relaxing her hair and the stylist still practically cut her head bald. She said she was ashamed for months and wore scarfs. That is what scares me if I was to do such a move!
Did you have to go bald?

gymnopedie sweet said...

...I luvs it! Aren't they called "spiral curls?" You are so lucky! If all it took was seeing all the au naturel Parisian girls to go natural, then, I say, go for it and yes go ash! You can still highlight it like crazy around the face! Amusez-vous bien!

Thembi said...

I'm hating because I used to live in France and you're making me miss it! You're a foodie? Go get a steak or the veal and some oysters at Baribal on Rue Vaugirard in the 15th.

Fanny said...

You just look totally gorgeous!!!! Luv it (your locks AND your blog).

I do live in Paris and true, there are so many beautiful Black girls with amazing hair here. Too bad I'm blonde and so damn pale :o))

Reb said...

very nice hair. Parisian women are worth something...

Cuban said...

SO beautiful. Look at those amazingly perfect little curls!

MadameK said...

reb- Yes. Parisian women still make me feel fat and fatally fashion-challenged, so let's not throw them a parade just yet.

Thembi- Thanks for the Baribal recommendation! We're always stuck looking for good restaurants on weekend trips to Paris.

ABW- Oh dear lord. If I ever went bald someone might try to pick up my head and go bowling with it. Not cute. I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.

So instead, over the course of about 4 months I just let it grow out. In the transition period I had to get creative with the hairstyles. I used a lot of bobby pins and I wore a lot of cute scarves. At the 2 month point the new hair and the old hair started fighting. I went through a bottle of conditioner each week. It was ugly, but I managed to control it. Eventually the new hair won and the old hair started breaking off in huge clumps that looked like spiders. In April I just cut off what was left of the old hair---which wasn’t much.

I think I had a good few inches of new hair going before I did the big chop...but it was still totally traumatic at first....but that is a whole other really long post...

Karen Beth said...

I love your blog! I just found it today and am amazed and fascinated by the life you lead there.

I also think that your hair looks great. Keep it going!


Karen Beth -

mlle smith said...

I tried to do this once, about ten years ago, and it was not a pleasant experience... Your curls look great, and I'm rooting for the brown/ash brown.

It's purdy...