Monday, September 03, 2007

The Third Time's a Charm.

My dear sweet FrenchBoy is kind, gentle, soft-spoken, and incredibly mild mannered, but if you get on his bad side he will send you a mean ass e-mail that will singe your eyebrows.

stuff 027

Apparently there was some hanky-panky going on over at the construction site of our new apartment and a door frame and our bedroom wall were damaged. Frenchboy was not pleased. The construction manager got a e-mail that had smoke and ash trailing off of it, and shit got settled this morning.

appart 31 aout n°7

In other news--we fired yet another tiler. Yes, we are onto tiler #3. The first one we predicted would go out of business---and it did. Then last week French father-in-law saw tiler #2 working and nearly had a conniption. Apparently tiler #2 didn't even measure before they installed the damn tiles! The building manager confirmed that tiler #2 had infact made so many mistakes in other apartments that they would no longer be allowed to work in the building. OUCH!

We're just super thankful it wasn't our apartment they screwed up. Here's the floor tile we finally picked for the Italian shower in the master bathroom. The sales guy made me take off my shoe and test the texture. Thank God I had a mani-pedi!


Luckily, we've already found a replacement tiler and he can start this weekend! Tiler #3, who we lovingly refer to as "one again" did the bathroom at French-Godmother Francine's house and his work is fantastic! We had to pull some strings to get him to come work all the way from Luxembourg, but he finally agreed.

Why is he called "one again" you ask? Because apparently the entire time he was installing tile in Francine's bathroom he kept making jokes and using Franglais. His favorite english expression is, you guessed it: "once again", but since his pronunciation sucks he says "one again". Alas, Mr. One Again will start installing our kitchen this weekend!

weekend tiles 002

Also this weekend we picked out parquet---for the third time. The first one we chose could only be installed by the manufacturerso we nixed that idea. Next we chose another which ended up just being ridiculously expensive, and then finally this weekend we made yet another choice which is nearly identical to the 1st one we chose. Let's hope the third time is a charm.
Whatever. Just scroll back up and check out how dope my black converse low tops look with my Japanese laces!


Liz Tran said...

I've been drooling over those stone tiles forever. I can't believe you're getting them! You're such a princess!

MadameK said...

Liz- Have you been talking to my little brothers? I only thought people inside my family called me princess. Damn, the secret is out!

Anyway, yeah. About the tiles: They are beautiful, but when we asked the price he wouldn't even tell us. He just replied: "Very Very Very expensive." As it turns out he was exaggerating. And since the floor in the shower only measures 2 square meters total (big enough for 2!) we didn't even have to splurge.

Angry Black Woman said...


Heidi said...

Good gravey....I'm now thankful for Home Depot and their quick installation service. What a P-I-T-A! Your honey must deal with the stress level well....I'd have blown a vessel already...especially after seeing damage on the walls.

joy suzanne said...

Your blog is so funny! I came from Destination Metz...

My French boy and I have been looking at apartments for sale here in Montpellier lately, and my head a spinning with the amount of work that practically ALL of them require. We're really still in the dreaming phase, I think. Maybe next year.

(I love those stone tiles!)

Anonymous said...

Reason #599,999,898 why I swore NEVER to build in Europe! *lol*

Even renting in Europe can be a major PITA, esp. in places like Germany where many rentals don't have built-in kitchens. I splurged on my dream kitchen for this house just last year. Now we're seriously considering moving...

I don't mind when we view a house that already has a decent kitchen (there are some) or where I know my kitchen would fit in without too much drama. But I've seen too many properties already where either the kitchen was just plain gross (ugh!) or the ceilings too ow/space to small to accommodate my maize-colored country style dream...


p.s.: love the shower tiles, too, btw!

Travel said...

I can remember sending a flaming registered letter to the builder of my first house. It was about a hump in the floor, caused by a pipe in the wrong place that had to be be moved. The hump had been carpeted over.

Now the fact that I sent the registered flame mail to the company I worked for made it all the more fun. In the end, the problem was fixed and I worked for the company until it was sold out to a nasty British conglomerate.