Monday, August 13, 2007

More French Weekend Photo Blogging.

Every Saturday we eat yummy French food at "Chez Evelyne". That's what we call my French Mother-in-law's restaurant.


Seating is usually very exclusive, but this weekend Cousins Sara & Michel and their offspring were able to get reservations because they loaned me their big car to go haul my paintings home from the Museum. (Please note the 2 distinct seating areas. Lounge on the left. Formal dining on the right.)


Merci Sarah & Michel pour votre voiture le semaine derniere. Bientot je vous envoyerai enverrai les photos de ce weekend!

I know Sarah reads my blog, but since she doesn't speak English I had to do a quick change over. Also, I'm sure that sentence is filled with grammer mistakes, also my American keyboard doesn't do accents so...whatever. I tried. But I digress.


The food was delicious as usual.


Please note that little Florian is only 3 years old and he handles his cutlery better than I do.

Anyway, everything was going great until this conversation happened:

I am currently at the level of French language comprehension that I can understand almost anything. But after a few glasses of red wine, if I'm not paying attention---I get lost. On the occasions that I get confused I get this look on my face that is not unlike when a toddler has constipation. This look is FrenchBoy's clue to translate the conversation for me.
Actually I kind of enjoy not understanding every random conversation I hear since most of the time the conversation is about something totally assinine anyway. Plus, I'm starting to have a pretty nice video collection of these "WTF conversations".

But seriously--- what the bloody hell were they talking about?


Samantha said...

Ha! "Il est con comme un balai" is one of my favorite French expressions!!

MadameK said...

Mine too! The first time I heard it was a month or so ago when French father in Law used it to talk about his mother.

I almost shot red wine out my nose.