Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Not Quite Turkish Delight.

Frenchboy has finally realised that the key to keeping me happy isn't wild monkey sex, shopping in Paris, or exotic travels. It's food. So yesterday when I woke up in a totally rancid mood and hadn't shaken it by lunchtime, he suggested we go out to dinner at Le Concorde. I have gained 10 lbs for each year I have lived in France. Food makes me happy. It only took Frenchboy 4 years to figure this out.

It's a good thing he's pretty.


This is Frenchboy doing his best Reservoir Dog's impression.


Le Concorde doesn't look like much from outside, but the recently renovated decor is quite lovely. But of course it's famous for it's panoramic terrace. Most folks come for the affordable drinks and the view.




The entire time I was there I was taking notes on decorating ideas to use for the Barbie Dream House. I will not however be buying the Pat Benatar Black leather studded sofa cushions.





So, sometime between my Modonna and my Liquid Cocaine (both pictured above), we decided that we weren't actually in the mood for a 30 euro carpaccio entree. We wanted Kebab!

Yes folks, after spending 40 euros on drinks we opted for a 10 euro dinner.



The Bosphore came highly recommended from Frenchboy's golf buddy Lotfi. Also, it's the only Kebab place in Thionville that literally has a line out the door all day long.

I'm no food expert, but just to quickly clarify--Kebab in France is not what Americans call "Shish kebab". A Kebab is closer to, if not identical to, what Yanks call a "Gyro" which is derived from the Turkish Doner Kebab. But all you really need to know is---It's Turkish and it's freakin' delicious!


So that's a Monday night in my neck of the woods.
Tune in tomorrow for updates on the barbie dreamhouse!


Monica said...

We have a Bosphore here, and it also is the only Kebab place with a line out the door. Yum yum.

Reb said...

Yeah, we have a Bosphore in Lille too and it's one of the best...you think...?

Riana said...

Yum, love that. Love that you changed your mind too.

Angry Black Woman said...

Your Husband spoils you! LOL. Do I seriously have to leave the United States just to get treated right?!

MadameK said...

Yes. Totally spoiled.
I'm totally rotten.