Monday, August 20, 2007

Barbie Dream House Update #10-ish.


So last weekend we finally went to see the Barbie Dream House again. The ceiling plaster was finished, the electrical wiring is finished, and the rooms had door frames, but besides that, not much had changed. Maybe more stuff would be done if the painters spent more time painting and less time trying to get it on with French Mother-in-law. Papa says this guy kissed her like 5 times.


Oh wait---the helicopter landing pad is officially done. Now all we need is flying lessons...and a helicopter. We're accepting donations.

weekend blogging 020

I mean it's almost done...except for this chipped tile which I am making them replace because, well, I'm just that uptight.

weekend blogging 009

In the next 2 weeks the really important stuff should start happening, like painting and tiling and...other running water. Oddly enough, some people have already moved in. The little retired couple below us has already set up their terrace!


Whatever. I'll just be happy when its done and I don't have to climb up that ladder to get to my bedroom!

weekend blogging 012

When we were about to leave the building we met a very young couple who were moving some items into their apartment. They weren't thrilled with the speed with which their apartment was being completed. I can only guess that they are first time buyers and nobody warned them about the 3 month standard French delivery delay. Poor kids! I have no idea how they are surviving. Uhm, our apartment delivery date was supposed to be July 31st. It's almost the end of August and this is what my kitchen looks like:

weekend blogging 011

Riiiiight. Definitely not ready for cupcake baking. But last week we did get a call to let us know that the Star Trek kitchen is ready to be delivered, and tonight we go to verify the floor tile color for the kitchen...again. So I can't complain. It is happening.

So I'm anxious, but not that anxious. Hell, I'm not moving untill the internet & satellite connections are complete!

I mean, let's not get crazy up in here.


gymnopedie sweet said...

Wow! Does that mean you will get to throw glamorous roofdeck parties when they fix the loose tile (and the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom...)? I see the possibilities...even a Pat Benatar studded leather pillow in its future! ;) Enjoy fixing Le Maison Reverie ala Barbie.

MadameK said...

I don't want to give away everything, but there's room for a band, a dance floor and maybe even a bowling alley up there.

Oh my friends, the parties we will have!

Angry Black Woman said...

Question! Is there a dining area? Once it is all done, what will your next project be?

Anonymous said...

your neighbours terrace looks nice, although awfully exposed for when you happen to throw waterbombs down there.

Liz Tran said...

Where's my guest room?

MadameK said...

DM- Yes, and since old people don't move very quickly it'll be like shooting fish in a barrel.

ABW- Actually the dining room and living room are one big room. The kitchen is that hallway thing with a terrace. Whatever---I hate cooking.

And to answer your question--our nexy big project will be grandkids. That's how long it'll take to finish decorating.

Liz--you have to climb that ladder to get to the guest room. Also, your guest bathroom is the only one that is actually almost finished!

Travel said...

I have built new homes twice, it is so nice getting what you want (at least as much of it as you can afford,) the way you want it(same parenthatical,) and that no one else has had a chance to mess it up.