Thursday, September 13, 2007

Destination Metz

Friday was another great day in France, not just because the weather was absolutely perfect, but because I finally got to meet up with fellow blogger Mademoiselle R, the lovely young writer of Destination Metz. Since we are both ladies of leisure at the moment, we decided to meet up mid-afternoon in Metz Centre-ville at the Cathedral. Since Mademoiselle R is a extremely camera shy and I had no idea what she looked like, we agreed that I would find her by her shoes. ( A girl can never go wrong in a pair of fancy Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars. I have 3 pairs of oxfords myself.) But quite frankly I don't know what all the fuss is about because she is cute as a button! But her shoes are cute too.


Anyway after that we went to the overwhelmingly large terrace at Place Saint Jacque. The waiter was either deaf or stupid or both, because he managed to mess up or order. ( Dear French waiter, We said "coca light", not choco-whatever. Sure, we aren't native French speakers, but our pronunciation isn't that bad! So clean your dirty French ears!)

After drinking and chatting we just kinda wandered around. We made our way into the visiter's center and picked up some stuff about what was going on around the city, and then we paid 10 cents to pee. Correction: I paid 10 cents to pee, then Mademoiselle R snuck in for free while nobody was watching. (If the people at the visitors center are reading this, please know that Mademoiselle R was the mastermind behind this evil plan. I was only a witness. It was not at all my idea, but for the record, I am not at all remorseful because your toilets smell like.....toilets.)

Anyway, we are both new Messines! (That's what lady citizens of Metz are called.) I predict I will be writing about many more of our clever capers in Metz in the months to come.

Next time I'll wear my chucks.


Destination Metz said...

Messines, I've never heard that before. Maybe I should use it for a band name? I do like being called a mastermind, even in relation to a 10 cent toilet scam. But don't you think my feet look weird in the photo?

MadameK. Located in said...

Now that you mention it..... your feet are terribly un-photogenic. Never leave the house again!

*rolling eyes to emphasize heavy dose of sarcasm*

Penny said...

What a scam! Trust the aussie to think of it :)

Ps I've got the same colour Converse!

baraginie said...

from a messine born and bred (and escaped!) to another:
Je voudrais un COCA LIGHT!

Reb said...

Why is it so important for French people to have a proper name of where they come from? It makes it really hard for us foreigners.