Wednesday, September 12, 2007

"Peace" "Love" and "Soul".

I don't often post about my work on this blog, especially since I haven't started any new projects in my studio as of late, but then not too long ago I received this by e-mail from artist Betty C. Bowen. Aside from her studio work, Betty is also an art teacher. One of her students from last semester, Ashley, did her art history report on me of all people! How cool is this artwork she did to go along with it? And how cool is it that I'm in Art History? *snorts*

The piece is actually a square, but it wouldn't quite fit onto Betty's scanner. The music Ashley used is "Silent Night", which is her favorite piece from her piano lessons. The text parts that got cut off has rubber stamp letters that read "Peace""Love" "Soul". And of course, she included her school picture.

Now, I know Ashley hasn't been spying in me in my studio, but she totally read me like a book. She has figured out the recipe to all of my recent work:

Get a canvas. Paint a whole bunch of red stuff on there. Glue on a photo or shape of a house. Add a text element to imply the narrative, add in a photo of a girl who is really a stand-in for oneself, and Voila!---You have one of my recent paintings! She totally nailed my schtik! Don't believe me? The resemblance is uncanny!

Anyway, this made my day, so thanks to Ashley for making it and thanks to Betty for sending the photo to me.


Mlle Smith said...

How surreal is THAT?! What a lovely and sincere complement...your "approach" was hilarity, lol!

MadameK. Located in said...

I know, I know! I was just so thrilled I had to post this. It totally made my day.

Reb said...

That's too cool.