Tuesday, December 11, 2007

And the winner is...

Can someone explain to me how we got this far into the week without talking about Sunday night's Miss France competition?

Ok, fair enough, maybe not many of you actually watch this show, but it’s totally your loss. You can learn more about French history and culture from watching the Miss France competition with a group of French people than you could learn from every article on wikipedia combined. Dare I say it’s...educational?

Now, before I can go any farther, I have to brag that I actually picked Ms. Reunion as the winner before they had even gotten to the semi finals.

I believe when I saw her strut down the runway for the first time my exact words were:

“That b*tch is in it to win it!”

And win it she did.

Besides learning a little bit of history about all the departments I barely knew existed, I got a chance to hear all the different accents from all the regions of France, see traditional costumes of the regions, and best of all I got to hear FrenchBoy’s family comment on each and every girl and the region they represent. You can’t buy that kind of edu-tainment folks.

My personal comments:

Ms. Guyane and Ms. Guadeloupe had it goin’ on!

Ms. Rhone-Alpes walks like a drunken horse.

Miss Pays de Loire needs a Big Mac.

Miss Paris has zero rhythm.

Don’t believe me? Judge for yourself. And please watch all the way to the end for the fake lip-synching Black gospel choir and the descending drag-queen angel.


Brown Girl in the Ring said...

I have often found that calling countries that you have raped and plundered for centuries and in the case of Martinique and Guadeloupe most recently poisoned as well, "departments" is just too hypocritical and euphemistic for my taste, a lot like the trend of late of call slave “servants”. They are now and have always been COLONIES.

Furthermore who from the pale display in the photo above could guess that Reunion, Martinique, Guadeloupe, Guyane (and whatever pauvre colonised folks the French decided to parade around half naked on a stage) are actually populated by the ancestors of people from African.

Just watched the video... suffice to say I now want to barf.

Eclat said...

My inner-feminist made me give up pageant shows back when I was, what..15 years old?! Damn, times flies. But after your "That bitch is in it to win it!" comment, I just HAD to watch this. Lol at the lip-synching gospel choir. Talk about mauvais gout. HILarity...

I tend to agree with the above comment about the "departements" being more accurately labeled as "colonies"...especially after watching this documentaire on one of the French channels a couple of weeks ago. I don't know if you saw it but apparently an agricultural product that has been banned by the US and most other countries, including France, is being shipped to the French Caribbean "departements" by FRANCE for pesticide use and it's deadly. It's been deemed dangerous enough to ban it from France, but apparently the lives of the people in Martinique/Guadeloupe, etc are not considered important enough for France to stop shipping the remaining deadly pesticides there for them to use.

One of the subjects (he was from Martinique) in the docuementary asked "whatever happened to equality...fraternity"?? And I nearly jumped into that television to shake some revolution into his ass. WAKE UP bro...it's called a French myth.

Madame K said...

Brown girl- Agreed.

Eclat- My inner feminist INSISTS that I watch pageants. Always good to know what the enemy is up to. And agreed x 2--Every country has it's own self-idealising myths.

Reb said...

Can you hear me laughing my ass off? I'll bet the choreographer for that angel number is still laughing about what a good joke they pulled off on all those Ms.

I used to love watching Ms. America as a kid - it was always on Saturday night during a baby sitting gig. I'd put the kids down early and laugh my ass off.

Those wings are f*cking hysterial! And quite frankly, they are all that...geez!

As for the discussion on colonies, well I've always said France likes to point the finger at other countries for their raping/colonising/racism but won't admit that it's a problem in their own country...

Penny said...

Leaving aside politics and feminism, I think you're right that watching this would have been good practice for my french. I'll have to make sure I find a TV and watch it next year.